638 Minna #3
Listed for $799,999 in August 2006 ($617 per square foot), the three-level, three-bedroom and agent owned loft number three at 638 Minna ended up selling for $661,500 that November.
At $510 per square versus a neighborhood live/work loft median of $626, and at 17% under original asking, it might have seemed like a bargain basement price at the time.
It’s now four years later, however, and the property has returned to the market asking $639,000 or $493 per square (versus a year-to-date median of $510).
∙ Listing: 638 Minna Street #3 (3/2.5) 1,296 sqft – $639,000 [MLS]

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  1. Posted by chguy

    it’s still not clear to me why people want to live in these places that look like a cross between the spa at caesars palace and a shoebox.

  2. Posted by ex SF-er

    although the nabe isn’t for me, at least this place has a little bit of space. 1300 sq ft is nothing to sneeze at, and is liveable.
    plus looks like you could just move right in.
    it’s also walking distance to a lot of things
    I’d like to see the floor plan for this place though. Looks like one of the bedrooms might be pseudo-lofted? or is that an office space? (pic 5)
    also is picture 7 a bedroom? if so that is somewhat narrow. those Ikea wardrobes are 39-40 inches wide. 40 in x 3= 120 inches. so about 10 ft wide.
    overall seems like a nice place in a neighborhood that may deter some buyers.

  3. Posted by johnbarnette

    Thanks Socketsite for posting so quickly. One of the listing agents here.
    ex SF-er, we do not have a floor plan however it is a tri-level unit. There are two bedrooms on the lower level. One with the gray paint and ensuite bathroom. The other with the built-in closet. It is on the smaller side and is listed as a bedroom in tax records. But a 3rd bedroom in a loft is very unique. The master bedroom is top floor space with the opaque glass to provide privacy from the main loft. We will have it open Sunday from 2-4pm

  4. Posted by ex SF-er

    wow, thanks John! (and SS)
    what an awesome thing to have feedback so quickly!

  5. Posted by curmudgeon

    This is a kinda interesting loft, (for a kinda interesting price) considering that it is the typical shoebox with a twist. I’m a little surprised by the $517 HOA. Isn’t that high for a loft? It’s not like there’s a doorman, or a gym, or any of the other things that add up to $700 hoa’s in other locations….

  6. Posted by curmudgeon

    But man they should get rid of that art….

  7. Posted by johnbarnette

    The HOA dues are actually about average for a loft of this size. Most 1 bedroom lofts of about 1000 square feet are running at least $400-$425 a month these days. The building is 12 years old and the HOA needs to have appropriate reserves for maintenance and major expense items like roof replacement. In condos low dues tends to equate to low reserves which tends to produce assessments when major maintenance is needed. Obviously not a stead fast rule, but my experience of owning condos suggests such.

  8. Posted by jason

    fantastic. now SS has gone from a real estate blog to a free listing service for realtors. Great news realtors – cancel your MLS membership and just list everything here for free…

  9. Posted by ex SF-er

    no it hasn’t.
    SS is a free place, anybody can post.
    I have no problem with the realtor coming on and responding to our queries so long as they post their affiliation with the place.
    I love accurate information. in this case we got the benefit of accurate information from a source who knows.

  10. Posted by jason

    Posting their affiliation is indeed appreciated and respectable. Sure beats the posts from shills who claim no affiliation. Ok, you’ve turned me around. A little.

  11. Posted by sfrenegade

    I’m with ex SF-er here. There was another thread the other day where I asked a question or two and the listing agent chimed in quite promptly. It is wonderful to get first hand information.
    As an additional rationale, it is completely fair to allow listing agents to rebut things people say. I feel that this listing agent and the one the other day did a good job of making a rebuttal post without being overly defensive or calling all Socketsite readers renters, as is typical around here when rebuttal posts are made.

  12. Posted by SF Guy

    I rather like it. A plus is the parking space. I’m curious as to what the bedroom windows look out to.

  13. Posted by Legacy Dude

    If property shark is right, built in 1998, and first sale was for $375K in 1999. Sold again in 2004 for $540K. Then, as mentioned above, $662K in 2006. And now back to $639K in 2010. Congratulations to the next buyer, who is no doubt getting a great deal on the home they’ll live in! That same home which will hit the market again in 2013 for $550K…

  14. Posted by lolcat_94123

    The neighborhood sucks (the clubs are fun though). Until they get rid of the homeless shelter over there the RE in that hood is anchored. Decent place though if you’re into lofts, and the 3rd bedroom is rare. Price seems reasonble too. I bet it sells for $599k.

  15. Posted by Nancy

    If he is an agent he should know about staging. Wow, that art collection must be from the tacky Museum!

  16. Posted by astral

    I can’t imagine too many interested in a 3bd/2.5ba in a loft layout.

  17. Posted by joh

    The master bedroom is top floor space with the opaque glass to provide privacy from the main loft.
    Were those frosted windows installed by the builder? Or were they added by one of the owners? If the latter, was a building permit pulled? If not, do they even comply with SF’s building code?

  18. Posted by midcentfan

    How easy would it be to combine two of the bedrooms into one big master suite?

  19. Posted by R

    “chillaxing”.. really?

  20. Posted by sfpiddler

    this is a very nice loft — but quiet tree-lined street is a huge stretch unless “tree” is a new slang term for weed or crack dealers.

  21. Posted by mac

    “Sold again in 2004 for $540K.”
    Given that lots of PH condos are selling for under 2004 prices Id say it would be a victory to sell this for anything over $540k. Good for them if they can.
    Yes. There might be trees on this street. But ‘tree lined street’ does conjure up a different view.

  22. Posted by EH

    this place is weird, it’s like each room is copied from a different movie or something.

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