1280 Ellis #6 Living
Eichler designed but not exactly eichler decorated, it’s three bedrooms at 1280 Ellis asking $699,000 ($500 per square). And while the television isn’t over the fireplace…
Purchased for $665,000 in December 2004 ($455,000 in May 2002). We happen to be fans of the complex, doubly so with respect to units which face the Cathedral (this one doesn’t).
∙ Listing: 1280 Ellis #6 (3/2) 1,397 sqft – $699,000 [monicaslist.com] [MLS] [Floor Plan]

32 thoughts on “Eichler Designed (But Not Decorated) With Three Beds Under Seven”
  1. I’m not sure how this is “zen” decorated as it seems somewhat busy and cluttered. And though the TV isn’t mounted “too high” over the fireplace, it looks to be mounted equally too low.
    All of this easily fixable by the new buyer. Except for that bathroom tile.

  2. Ha ha, yeah I don’t know if I’d draw *any* attention to TV placement, pro or con. In fact, it kind of looks like it was put in by the stagers or otherwise for sale prep.
    No external shots?

  3. I think I figured it out. “Zen” is realtorspeak for “views of vegetation just inches away from your windows”.

  4. Zen?? Seriously? looks like a bunch of sale items from Cost Plus..
    Baths are ugly. bad tile work.
    There is no dining “room”. that’s called an eat-in kitchen. truth in advertising, please.
    Too many photos of the staged objects, which you are not buying.
    Hello realtor? are you listening?

  5. It’s not my taste, but I was feeling the exotic/eclectic thingy until I spotted the coo coo clock.
    One can take multiculturalism too far…

  6. haha cost plus decorated. the commentary on this site is amazing. i’ve secretly enjoyed it for so long. keep it up guys.

  7. @ noearch
    Do you mean “staged” as in, the realtor brought these things in?
    I hope not. In fact, I think the realtor should have edited some
    of these things out. They make the rooms seem cluttered. Also, they make the decor very specific in a taste that, I think, many people might not want.
    As an aside, I think the poster over the fireplace for the movie, “Jungle Princess” is really odd in the midst of a room filled with African artifacts. A Hollywood B-movie is a cartoon version of the real Africa or Asia.
    It’s sort of like having a room of Chinese art with a poster for a Charlie Chan movie on the wall.
    Perhaps, it is meant ironically.

  8. I have no idea if the realtor brought this junk in.
    Staging can also be the owner’s stuff, too. Bottom line, they don’t have a clue as to what “Zen” design really means.
    I would say it generally means this: “simplicity, clarity, peacefulness”.. not a shred of that in this house.
    BTW..anyone notice the metal scaffolding outside the windows? what’s that all about?

  9. Im going to say this again, REALTORS should be forced to take a few architectural classes, I mean come on its your job, (selling property) at least dont look stupid by labeling places completely wrong. Even if you fool people on the style here, will be tough to fool them on that neighborhood!

  10. noearch asked:
    “BTW..anyone notice the metal scaffolding outside the windows? what’s that all about?”
    “Dr.Leaky” is there…but he is not looking at the artifacts.

  11. As stated above by schtee *not* designed, but *developed* by Eichler. I guess it needs to be repeated.
    Anyway, I love the decor. Funky and kitchy, and totally naive. Love it. It reminds me (not exactly, don’t quote me on it) of how people in post-war buildings in nyc decorate — filled with stuff, some country, a mix of this and that. It’s an interesting thing that happens, you get the great light from the large panes of glass, but then you have this complex thing happening with a piano here and a hanging plant there and a kimono on the wall and a mid-century cane chair. It’s just awesome. Anyway, this reminds me of that.

  12. Zen or not (and its clearly not), all the crown moulding (as is bragged about as feature #1 on the website) and textured finishes, and crappy ‘fake old’ tile are completely antithetical to the Eichler modernist ethos and aesthetic. They basically ruined it with sh*tty decorating, then raised the price (an all-too-common crime on this city).

  13. I’ve walked by this complex on my to Van Ness from my place. While there are better neighberhoods in SF there are also a lot of worse ones. While some might think of this neighborhood as “craptastic”, “horrible”, or something the realtor is trying to fool people about, it is actually a very livable neighorhood that is affordable to a lot more families then what usually gets posted on this site.
    That said I think the price they are asking for this place is too high, likely to sell for ~$635,000 if they want to move it rather then have it linger on the market.

  14. the eddy rock gang runs in this area .i don’t understand how much worse you can get.
    these are homicides within 2-3 blocks of this location.
    Date: 1/27/2007
    Cause of death: Gunshot
    Location: 1118 Eddy St.
    Date: 2/7/2009
    Cause of death: Gunshot
    Location: Eddy and Laguna streets
    Date: 5/24/2007
    Cause of death: Gunshot
    Location: Laguna St. & Eddy St
    Date: 2/11/2007
    Cause of death: Gunshot
    Location: 1221 Eddy St.
    Date: 12/30/2008
    Cause of death: Stabbed
    Location: 600 block Larch St.

  15. 3 in 2007
    1 in 2008
    1 in 2009
    0 so far in 2010 (thank you gang injunction).
    Yes there is a gang over at the housing complex down at Eddy Street, which is why when I walk through this neighborhood I walk down this street (not as much hill compared to walking up Geary). But that is why this place will go for about half of a 2/2 condo downtown (see other thread).

  16. I see where they picked their price from, 1130 Eddy, Unit C is also on the market, 3bd/2.5BA, 1590 sq ft and a view of the projects all for the same low price of $699,000.

  17. the gang injunctions have actually been very effective.
    but if you have a kid you don’t want him or her around those people or worse their kids.

  18. Interesting. I live in a similar part of the western addition, one block from public housing, and my other neighbors are three charter/private schools.
    And this place is also right next to a private school.
    Amazing how many parents there are that actually send there kids to a craptastic neighborhood were they are around ‘those people or worse their kids.’ Some even spend a lot of money to do so!

  19. i commend your openness and acceptance. most people who have the means do not like their children to live near projects and play with kids from projects because their parents may be involved in drugs and gangs.
    how old are your children?

  20. Huh, sorry did not realize that all housing must be judged only on how appropriate the neighborhood is for kids. Do they even let people without kids buy places anymore? Or perhaps you are saying that people need to have kids in order to have a valid opinion on how crappy or livable a neighborhood is? Really your argument has come down to ‘do you have kids?’

  21. The listing for 1280 Ellis #6 has just been withdrawn from the MLS after three months on the market at $699,000 without a reported sale. Once again, purchased for $665,000 in December 2004.

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