201 Buchanan Inside
The listing for The Nightingale House at 201 Buchanan has been updated to include interior shots and note a couple of open houses (including one tomorrow).
UPDATE: Sorry, but no word on why SFGate is advertising reporting the property as being “fully restored” on its home page.
∙ Listing: 201 Buchanan (4/3) – $1,575,000 [201buchanan.com] [MLS]
The Nightingale House (201 Buchanan) Looks For Another Landing [SocketSite]

13 thoughts on “Inside The Nightingale’s Landmark Nest At 201 Buchanan”
  1. SFGate: “The spacious Nightingale house in Hayes Valley, built in 1882, has been fully restored.” This is fully restored?

  2. I guess they figured the new owner would want to redo the kitchen & bathrooms anyway, so it’d be better to leave them in their current mid-seventies splendor.
    But that doesn’t explain the state of the lawn.

  3. “But that doesn’t explain the state of the lawn.”
    Same idea as the kitchen I’d guess, let the new owner re-landscape as they see fit. It is maybe a $3000 job (or $500 in supplies and two weekends of work for the DIY homeowner).

  4. of the SF homes for sale that fall into the category – “beautiful building in sh*t neighborhood” IMO this ranks last in terms of that ratio.
    Treat Ave 7-unit = #1
    Albion Ale = #2
    Nightingale = #3
    building is very nice but potential maybe not as great as others. neighborhood is not that bad. i think it sells fast and certainly before the other two.

  5. Cool house, but it will need a TON of work. It’ll also be ridiculously expensive and time consuming to do that work, since this is a historic property. I hope whoever does it does it tastefully and in accordance with the grandness of the house (and doesn’t Dwell the interior).
    Kudos to the seller for not doing some sort of ridiculous staging here and realizing that whoever buys this house will do a better job in getting it to meet the new buyer’s needs.

  6. this is the first time i’ve preferred to look at the pictures on the mls site, but sorry ohp, no free advice for you today.

  7. This what painted interior woodwork looks like. They did miss the front door tho.
    White does not look good on this exterior.
    I wonder what it would cost to re-do the exterior in the original multi colors. Even the shot with the ’58 Merc looks better.

  8. The attic will be hot in the summer and cold in the winter.
    I see no heat registers, radiators, base board units….only the space heaters. Are those the source of heat?
    In order to change the exterior color, I suppose you would have to petition the Historical Commission?

  9. Off topic question…but does anyone know where I can get get Transom House number decals? Gold leaf look?

  10. MLS says this sold at asking for $1.575M. However, public records point out that it actually sold for $1.536M. I can’t believe they tried to flip this place for $1.895M one month after the prior sale.
    As mentioned on the prior post for this house, this was marked “confidential” on MLS for the September 2007 sale. As a result, MLS said sold at asking in 5 days at $1.749M, but the public records said sold in 4 days at $1.605M. Looks like they’re up to their old tricks again!

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