Recently designated a “vacant building,” and already looking a little less blighty, the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and detailed plans for the development of the long shuttered Alexandria Theater are expected to be released within the next few weeks.
No word on whether or not the outcry from local residents that “forced the warring factions” (owners versus City Planning) to speed up the development process will now turn to outcry from others over what’s planned (and slow it back down).
And of course, if you happen to already have any bootleg copies of the renderings, please feel free to send them our way (
UPDATE: As a number of readers and tipsters alike have since noted, The Richmond District Blog scored a preview (one frame from which is now above).
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9 thoughts on “Alexandria Theater Plans A Few Weeks From First Public Screening”
  1. How about a fantastic 20-story beacon tower here as part of this development. Is there simply no spunk any more? Does everything need to look like it was here 100 years ago? Anyone taking note of a good piece of architecture on Geary? We just don’t get that many opps in locations which require thinking differently. An amazing building, a dev site next door – why build Livermore here?
    The renderings — perfect tonic for the morning nap. Snore.
    Say no to dullness.

  2. Build It. Now. before it drags on for another 20 yrs. This project should bring more homeowners and much needed businesses back on Geary Blvd.

  3. I like the plans for it and it fits into the neighborhood well. Hopefully it will end up being done quickly.
    I hope Invented is either being sarcastic or moves to Orlando or something.

  4. “I hope Invented is either being sarcastic or moves to Orlando or something.”
    It’s the “or something” part I’m really worrying about.
    I’m not being sarcastic. It seems to me that an opportunity presents itself once in a while for something which is taller and remarkable and — which takes advantage of good architecture and a ready-to-build dev site. The history of SF can pt to many lovely towers over the past 100 yrs which punctuate the cityscape elegantly even if @ time of construction they surprised.
    As handsome as some new construction is, the 4-story sameness everywhere is, let’s face it — dull.
    The Alex. sight could lead the way to a new Geary and put this street with all of its amazing potential — back on the map.

  5. I don’t think that part of Geary wants to be on the map. A taller building on that corner would be annoying and out of scale, not exciting.

  6. Can someone explain to me why this building was worth “saving”? This would be an eyesore in most Asian or European cities, but here it is a landmark?

  7. ^Um, how about you ask the developers? They’re the ones who chose to save it. The city had no part in it, and the building is not protected or landmarked in any way.

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