21 Villa Terrace Living
Eighteen foot ceilings over the living room, dining “room,” kitchen and entry; big views from the windows and decks; and four bedrooms and four and one-half baths over four thousand plus square feet.
Listed for $3,350,000 in February 2009 before being withdrawn at $2,950,000 in June, five days ago 21 Villa Terrace re-joined the contemporary Clarendon Heights listed fray of five active and available homes asking over two million with a new new list price of $2,795,000.
The home was purchased for $1,900,000 in July 2003 having sold as new for $2,125,000 in March 2001.
∙ Listing: 21 Villa Terrace (4/4.5) 4,051 sqft – $2,795,000 [MLS]

13 thoughts on “21 Villa Terrace (Re)Joins The Clarendon Heights Contemporary Fray”
  1. Oh this place. Hasn’t it been on/off/pocket listed for a good chunk of the past decade?
    It’s actually a pretty interesting modern design. Offers a lot more than Roosevelt, though not as much as St G. Pricing somewhat reflects that. Very vertical living here. Very vertical. The interior appears toned-down from prior incarnations. Villa Terrace can create difficult access, and there’s a lot of exposure to Clayton.
    Don’t know if I’d call this the *real* Clarendon Heights 😉

  2. Odd to have multiple owners have trouble selling this place. I assume that 2001 sale as new was sort of a peak-ish price back then.
    Interestingly, the 2001 permit claims a cost of building at $387K. They were also planning to do $20K more of work for fire safety ($5K for sprinklers, $15K for standpipe), but only did the sprinklers, as the standpipe permit was cancelled in 2003.

  3. Love it – except for the pastures of beige carpet, and the front exterior which evokes a squatting bulldog.

  4. OK, Joshua. Sorry about that. It’s gotten to the point where hardly anybody sees anything they talk about on here. But you’re right. How can I know? I can’t. My bad.

  5. Wow, this house is actually pretty bad (“rear end”). It kind of reminds me of an LA hills party house. But the loft and lower levels still make it cozy and homey.
    At 2.7 million, the views are just as awesome and the house is almost as spacious (4,000 sqft) as some of the 4-5 million dollar pads in Clarendon Heights “Proper.”
    One drawback is that, despite being just a few hundred feet from 17th, it’s on a one way street, so you have to wind your way all the way down to the middle of Upper Market or take a detour then go back up Corbett and Clayton before finally reaching 17th.

  6. 21 Villa Terrace was recently lowered 120k to 2,575,000.
    In many ways the house is so unattractive that it’s cool.
    Would you really pay 6.4 for 100 Palo Alto when you could pay 2.58 for 21 Villa Terrace? Even if I had Bill Gates money, I don’t think I would do that. And according to Zillow, 100 PA is smaller.

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