3157 Baker Street

The listing for 3157 Baker Street boasts: “Former residence to celebrity chef, CEOs, professional athletes…” Asking $5,000,000 in 2008, down to $3,695,000 in 2010.

And we’re sorry to report, our Top Chef Aficionados might have been off by a house last year.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by abc

    “voted VIP home in SF Junior League home tour”
    Seriously? Does that make this house more desirable? What is a VIP home anyway?
    Looks like your typical suburban mega mansion. Ick.

  2. Posted by PPC

    abc, I read that too, very funny. Extremely busy street and doesn’t look like the house has a yard. Not too appealing.

  3. Posted by resp

    1. hideous remodel
    2. noisy Richardson corridor which got overpriced in the bull market.
    3. as I wrote in August about the neighboring home which never sold: “if you want to see something truly overpriced, walk down the street to 3159 Baker. what a friggin joke. $3.9M for a bigger box with zero upgrades and a noisy view of Richardson Ave from nearly every room. probably the most eggregious example of overpricing i’ve seen in D7 in awhile.”
    4. OK whats the real story here? O’Connor Trust is the owner of both 3157 and 3159, and posssibly the entire 3-lot block of Baker St. O’Connor is also the selling agent.

  4. Posted by Fishchum

    During a Giants rain delay I sat through “Life Of Brian” (a reality tv show revolving around Giants closer Brian Wilson – truly awful) and figured out this was the place he and Barry Zito were renting.
    I’d have to imagine the insulation is top notch to keep out the Richardson St. traffic noise, but there’s nothing special about the house, IMO.

  5. Posted by tipster

    Will sell for a little over half it’s 2008 ask.

  6. Everything about this house looks cheap and as if done by a contractor with absolutely no architectural or design skills and all product was bought at Home Depot. This house sits right off the 101 approach to the GG Bridge and the noise level inside must be horrible. The owner originally wanted $5M several years ago…

  7. Posted by Jeremy

    I’m calling $3.05MM, with the seller throwing in a Guitar Hero master class with Brian Wilson.

  8. Posted by 45yo hipster

    But you get to sit on the same toilet seat that ‘famous’ people apparently shat on…

  9. Posted by Vacation Renter

    This house has a vacation rental for quite some time link to VRBO included.
    I’ll need to get a celebrity to stay the night at my house so I can claim it was their “residence” when its time to sell.

  10. Posted by Paul Hwang

    According to my info, to the steps 2/18/2010. Cal Western Reconveyance Corp.

  11. Posted by resp

    paul what happened to your listing on the same street? what do you think this goes for?

  12. Posted by Paul Hwang

    3271 Baker is very, very, very complicated. One day I will write a book about it.
    I received multiple offers at $2.1 cash, but …..

  13. Posted by jlasf

    Re: “voted VIP home in SF Junior League home tour”
    I am not aware of any voting surrounding the Junior
    League home tour. While this might sound odd, maybe
    it’s just a typo. Perhaps it was intended to read,
    “noted VIP home.”
    At least, that makes sense…..sort of.

  14. Posted by diemos

    “I received multiple offers at $2.1 cash, but …..”
    but …..
    your seller has a phobia about dead presidents?
    your buyers could only pull $300 bucks a day out of the ATM and it would take too long to close escrow?
    I will look forward to your book.

  15. Posted by Paul Hwang

    but… he owed $2.050, then the 3rd tried to foreclose, then the seller filed bk, then the 3rd thought it wasn’t good idea anymore, then the bk was dismissed, then the 3rd thought it was a good idea again, then for another complicetd reason the 3rd thought it was not a good idea, then …
    it’s complicated.

  16. Posted by Paul Hwang

    If u doubt me, it’s all public record. Actually, I would appreciate that. Perhaps if u did, u would be less likely to make comments like the one above.
    If you’re too lazy to check the readilly available facts, well I understand perfectly.

  17. Posted by diemos

    There, see? Was that so hard to explain?

  18. Posted by eddy

    VIP = Very Inflated Price. Too easy.
    Paul, thanks for the update on 3271.

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