1415 Mission Street Rendering
San Francisco’s full Board of Supervisors will now need to vote, but the board’s Land Use and Economic Development Committee has given the thumbs up to zoning changes that would clear the way for the development of 1415 Mission.

The building would be 14 stories and 130 feet in height, with a mechanical penthouse rising an additional 16 feet. Approximately 2,453 sq.ft. of common usable open space would be provided at the penthouse (roof) level for the use of residents. Seventy‐six of the 117 dwelling units would have access to private open space in the form of balconies or terraces, totaling approximately 4,200 sq.ft. There also would be a 58‐sq.ft. plaza for the retail use, which would not count toward open space square footages for Code purposes.

If approved, construction of the proposed project would occur over approximately 24 months. The project sponsor is R & K Investments and the project architect is Heller Manus Architects.

Once again, proposed to include roughly 26 studios, 39 one-bedrooms, and 52 two-bedrooms over street level retail and three levels of underground parking.
1415 Mission: Existing (Parking) And As Proposed (People) [SocketSite]

13 thoughts on “People Over Parking As 1415 Mission Gets A Land Use Thumbs Up”
  1. Is this sky photoshopped 🙂 ?
    To the extent this complies with zoning, I am for it. In my opinion, what both residents and developers need is the clarity of knowing there are rules and they are followed.

  2. Also, while neighbors of the alley in the back had issues with the size of the building, the building is to the north of the alley and won’t block the sun there. This was probably considered when the zoning was developed.

  3. Another great addition to the district. I’m looking forward to hearing the crowds opinion. I like the buildings that have smaller units for second homes, new buyers and people downsizing. I think that the larger units are going to be harder to sell and the market is over saturated.

  4. @flaneur:
    the whole reason this project is before the BoS is because it is requesting a rezoning. So, no, it does not comply with current zoning. It complies with the zoning to which it requesting.
    On another topic — man, this is the blandest of bland buildings. But then again, everything between 7th and 11th St along both Market and Mission is shaping up to be exceptionally bland architecture dominated by cheap materials and little finesse. (With the exception that the Federal Bldg is not bland, it’s just objectionablly atrocious.)

  5. Any news on what was a big blank wall to the south? Are they still going to include the living wall in the final design?

  6. “man, this is the blandest of bland buildings.”
    It’s Heller Manus. Enough said. It’s too bad Arquitectonica didn’t lend a hand on this project as well.

  7. Nice articulation and breaking down of scale with the variations in the facades – I would say it fits the surroundings uncommonly well.

  8. I wonder if the developer has done appropriate wind studies for the roof deck and balconies. At the SomaGrand, there was an issue with the wind affecting the enjoyment of the park level common area. We had to erect a windscreen around the spa to keep residents from freezing when using it.
    Also, does anyone know (and has it been posted) what is happening with the huge hole at Market and 10th, and the vacant lot mid-block on 9th between Market and Mission?

  9. Re Market and 10th: Otherwise known as Crescent Heights, a design which I like very much. 🙂
    Closer to home: I wonder what the latest is on Trinity Place. I’d love to see a timeline and more renderings and fly-throughs a la Transbay Center. Paging Mr. Sangiacamo?

  10. “Is this sky photoshopped 🙂 ?”
    Yeah, I love how they forgot the lower left corner of the sky. Haha. What a mess.

  11. “Is this sky photoshopped 🙂 ?”
    Yeah, so what? It’s a SIMULATION of what the building would look like. What’s with the ‘gotcha’? No one has claimed for any purposes that this is an actual photo.

  12. No the sky is not photoshopped because the sky is always sunny like that in San Francisco that is why we have rules to block any development which might shadow a park in sunny San Francisco!

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