1415 Mission Site
The draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for a 14-story mixed-use development at 1415 Mission Street is online. As proposed, the one-story commercial building and surface parking lot on the southwest corner of Mission and Tenth (currently serving as nothing more than an indoor/outdoor parking facility) would be replaced with a 117 residential units over 2,742 square feet of ground floor commercial and a subterranean garage with up to 46 self-park (or 101 valet) residential and 15 commercial parking spaces.
1415 Mission Rendering

The residential unit mix is proposed to include about 26 studio units, 39 one‐bedroom units, and 52 two-bedroom units. Per the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance…18 units, or approximately 15 percent, would be designated on site as affordable units.

The building would be 14 stories and 130 feet in height, with a mechanical penthouse rising an additional 16 feet. Approximately 2,453 sq.ft. of common usable open space would be provided at the penthouse (roof) level for the use of residents. Seventy‐six of the 117 dwelling units would have access to private open space in the form of balconies or terraces, totaling approximately 4,200 sq.ft. There also would be a 58‐sq.ft. plaza for the retail use, which would not count toward open space square footages for Code purposes.

If approved, construction of the proposed project would occur over approximately 24 months. The project sponsor is R & K Investments and the project architect is Heller Manus Architects.

1415 Mission Street Rendering: Looking South Down 10th
1415 Mission: Draft Environmental Impact Report [SFGov]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Outrageous

    This project rips whatever urban fabric there is between this corner and the residential enclave less than 25 yards behind on Natoma. The project architect is a egomaniac, but anyone that has dealt with Heller knows that already. The architects have essentially “shined on” the community that lives in this area. The Market Octavia plan has placed killer buildings from south Van Ness, marching east on north Mission. At the time of plan approval the Planning Commission assured the community it would be sensitive to any building design in the area near residential..well this proposal is less than 25 yards from small fine grain residential. No where else in the City is there such a gradient. Heller should be design something that has some soul, something that proves he is the “great” architect. Instead this monster ugly thing. Shame on you Jeff!!! By the way, very sorry on the passing of your wife, she was a sweet person.

  2. Posted by rubber_chicken

    Once this and the big site across mission are filled, we’ll have quite the parade of Uglies on our hands – starting across market w/ fox-plaza and heading south (including the mercy project on the other corner). Have any of these architects or anyone at Planning looked at this entire grouping as an ensemble? Clunker after clunker after clunker.
    At least that 58-sq.ft. retail “plaza” will offer some relief….

  3. Posted by Drew

    My bathroom is bigger than 58 square feet. I suspect 580 square feet?

  4. Posted by william

    The planner could not have ever spent time in this block of SOMA. There’s a cannabis clinic right next door, and a constant stream of local junkies in the alleyways who regularly break car windows, defecate on the street, and in general make it a less than modern place to live. Good luck finding buyers for the apartments! Also, I agree with the point by “Outrageous” that the project is way too close to the single-story lofts a few streets down, and does seem quite out of place. Also, there’s a perfectly good hole in the ground right at the corner of Market and 10th a block over, that has been sitting unused for close to two years now. Why not build this project there, right next to the already obnoxious fox plaza and the three other tall buildings next to it. Certainly would be a step up from abandoned pit filled with concrete-and-steel scrap heap. Crazy.

  5. Posted by Mole Man

    The design is more modern and interesting than many others in the City. This building may not be totally matched to the existing neighborhood, but maybe that is because it is at a scale more appropriate for local densities and values. It does have elements on both sides of the corner tower bit that sort of bridge to lower adjacent structures. Keeping heavily developed areas bottled up in old, low density construction may not be a good idea when it forces people to commute.
    The hole at Market and 10th has a long history, a strange owner, and is in the process of being filled by a design that has been getting quite a bit of tuning and modification since the initial proposal.

  6. Posted by anonplanner

    FWIW, as an architectural firm Heller Manus sucks so I’m very suspicious of this development even though the rendering isn’t awful (however their renderings tend to be even more deceptive than the average architects).

  7. Posted by Gil

    Mole man, the link for Market & 10th does not work.
    Do you know – has the condo tower planned for the site been abandoned? It was supposed to start building several years ago. With the economy I just assumed the developer dropped the project.
    In any case the corner hold in the ground is likely to be there for another 5 years at least. It’d be nice to see some greeenry brought in in the interim.
    [Editor’s Note: Broken link (which we added) since fixed.]

  8. Posted by Insidesfre

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the project. This site will probably turn into a large porn studio. (Hello, Armory. )

  9. Posted by Mole Man

    The lesson from the Armory is that if NIMBYs are allowed to block enough uses for long enough then a property will eventually be given over to Monsters from the Id.
    I thought the property at Market and 10th was connected to the big block that just went up next to SOMA Grand with the idea of building the whole parcel out a bit at a time in stages.

  10. Posted by mow

    Looks a hell of a lot better than what’s there now. It will be a plus for the neighborhood!

  11. Posted by Ciis Student

    Anyone know when they are breaking ground on this? I park there!!!!!

  12. Posted by Delancey

    Those right angles could bisect a pigeon (no great loss). More blahsville rectilinear failure of imagination.
    For all those who chime in on how these perforated cubes are “better than what was there before”, how many of you are willing to actually live in one of these perforated cubes? I look at that and think, the Beacon with different windows, and mourn the loss of another opportunity to create a building that lifts the spirits of passers-by.

  13. Posted by kg

    @william, the 10th & Market lot is already on floor 1 of construction for a new tower. They’re hauling major ass…

  14. Posted by Greyson

    Does anyone know if these units will be for sale or rent?

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