900 Clayton Dining
While we typically cringe when “period details” are painted over, in this case we like the overall effect (not to mention curb appeal). Asking $2,395,000 when listed in September 2008, they’re asking $2,239,000 ($800 per square) for 900 Clayton today.
∙ Listing: 900 Clayton (4/3) – $2,239,000 [MLS]

12 thoughts on “Eight Hundred Per Square Foot For Nine Hundred Clayton”
  1. Its so wrong. Nothing makes me sadder. Painting over the beautiful hardwood and period details. It should be banned.
    Shame on the decorators.

  2. Not all wood, hardwood or softwood, was meant to be stained..it can come off very dark and dreary.
    Painting wood is still considered protecting the surface. In this house, the painted wood is very nice.

  3. A lot of unpainted wood in older homeslooks horrible. It only looks good if you have some sort of fancy wood and a beautiful stain, and even then as noearch said, too much of it can come off as dreary.

  4. Let me 3rd the painted wood comment. The original wood paneling in most old homes here is paint grade. You CAN’T stain it a natural color because the types and grain of wood used in one room can vary. I don’t know about this place in particular, but let’s not leap to, “They painted over all the mahogany! Bastards!” Although I’ve definitely seen it happen…

  5. Two thoughts:
    After stripping all the woodwork in my Haight-Ashbury home, a little bit after work each day, night after night for several years I feel that I have earned the right to paint the woodwork in my next home.
    Years ago I was on the periphery of the restoration of the “Shelton-McMurphy” house on Skinner’s Butte in Eugene, Oregon. We had to duplicate some of the original interior woodwork and were amazed to find that it was white oak that had been faux painted to resemble knotty pine!

  6. After languishing on the market for six months with the previous agent and staging…
    This go around with Marilyn (Hayes)and Arthur (McLaughlin)got it sold in just THREE days with multiple offers.

  7. I’m sure you all did a great job but don’t overlook the fact that the 2 to 3M SFR market has gotten a whole lot better than last fall.

  8. I mean, besides this house there are many more examples. But again, a Lower Haight house for 2.5M, on Carmelita? A viewless, attached Mission house for 3.1M at 41 Cumberland? Do those sales occur last fall? Doubtful. A quarter of positive news from a lot of local businesses, plus a year of stock market gains will work wonders on a spring market for monied buyers whose great jobs no longer appear in jeopardy.

  9. Old hardwood is dark and looks withered and old. Love to paint that gloom away!
    So many hone “preserve” the old wood at the cost of the selling price.
    Paint the cheapest fix available.
    Ask any ole ho.

  10. The sale of 900 Clayton closed escrow 3/32/10 with a reported contract price of $2,275,000 ($812 per square foot).
    Don’t forget those invitations to the housewarming.

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