3368 Jackson Music Room
Excerpts from the marketing materials for 3368 Jackson (dubbed Manse Elegante):

Manse Elegante was designed and built by Charles Green in 1913. Built with memory of the Great Quake of ’06, Mr. Green employed massive steel reinforcing beams in the floor, walls and ceiling of the Music Room addition constructed in 1915. With exquisite views of the Presidio and Golden Gate Bridge, this home features 7 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms and nearly 5700 sq ft (per appraisal) of living space.

The main floor includes a spacious kitchen and formal dining room leading into the Music Room boasting 12 ft ceilings, grand chandelier, robust fireplace, mantle and bay window sitting area. Moving through the Music Room you enter the library and bedroom suite with full bath. The second floor has three bedrooms including the front master suite with fireplace, walk-in closet and dressing area.

The residence has rich history in the musical arts and home to award winning producer and director Lawrence Bedini….You can imagine the musical history upon entering the Music Room titled by Mr. Bedini’s dear friend and mentor, Stewart Brady.

And yet no direct mention of the elephant organ in the room. Check those exclusions before you fall in love.
∙ Listing: 3368 Jackson (7/7) – $4,495,000 [MLS]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by sleepiguy

    I saw that yesterday and thought.. Is that.. an ORGAN?! Whoa….
    Fabulous block, wonderful price, absolutely horrifying interior design.
    That said, if someone buys this, PLEASE PLEASE don’t tear everything out and paint all the mahogany stained wood white. This house has some lovely original details which should be preserved.

  2. Posted by R

    Formica countertops in the kitchen? are those Home Depot cabinets? Man, $4.5mm just doesn’t buy what it used to.

  3. Posted by OneEyedMan

    She flirtingly chased the priest all around the Manse, finally grabbing him by the organ.

  4. Posted by OneEyedMan

    I always prefer tulips on my organ over roses on my piano.

  5. Posted by tipster

    “Formica countertops in the kitchen? are those Home Depot cabinets? Man, $4.5mm just doesn’t buy what it used to.”
    That’s basically “staging” for a kitchen these days. Paint grade paneled cabinets, some sort of cheap countertop in a light color, and the cheapest stainless range you can find (probably Kenmore). Roll down some cheap linoleum and you’re all set. You can see the same exact look everywhere at all price ranges – it’s the chopped pillows of out of date homes. Note that they didn’t even bother swapping out the fridge.
    All to be torn out by the buyer pronto, but there because the realtor told the seller that an old kitchen will turn buyers off. The buyer will spend just as much remodeling the kitchen as if the kitchen weren’t redone, but the turn off factor won’t be there.
    All real estate is theater. There is a LOT of money in tweaking your emotions.

  6. Posted by SFRE

    Horrible interior design – just awful.

  7. Posted by huh?

    Let me see – $4.5m to purchase a haunted old person’s home? I think I would turn into a fossil just setting foot in this place. Not for me, thanks.

  8. Posted by sleepiguy

    I don’t totally agree with tipster’s kitchen analysis in this particular case. I seriously doubt there was an “old kitchen” in this home before the linoleum crap was put in. Likely it just replaced even crappier linoleum. Most of the turn of the century houses in D7 don’t seem to have cute, vintage kitchens but rather something cheap and awful looking that was hacked in back in the 50s or 60s. This is just a cleaner version of that. Of course, it will be torn out as soon as the house has sold.
    I think it’s worth noting just how kitchens weren’t a priority in large SF homes for most of the last century.

  9. Posted by nowonderitcostssomuchhere

    I almost wish that I lived a life where I could have a tiny fridge and a crappy kitchen because because the only person running around in it would be a full time housekeeper.

  10. Posted by Frank

    A friend in the kitchen remodelling business once told me that the grander the house, the cheaper the kitchen since only the servants see that room.

  11. Posted by tipster

    Anyone (eddy?) want to try to guess what this goes for? $792 psft for a view home in Presideo heights seems awfully cheap.

  12. Posted by Conifer

    There are still dozens if not hundreds of plain kitchens in the big houses of Pac Hts, often among people who need to impress no one. A late snobby friend, who has such a 1970s kitchen in a very big pile with an unobstructed north view, said it was a form of reverse snobbery best understood by people like him.

  13. Posted by OneEyedMan

    Crown molding envy
    Jungle room fit for The King
    Manse Elegante

  14. Posted by marco

    Wow nice kitchen! Geeze for that price they could have at least purchased some Chinese marble and put in some Ikea cabinets and spruced it up for $5K.

  15. Posted by jon

    Whats with the backyard, is it under a canopy?
    Personally, I’d like an entry way that’s a bit more grand….double doors at least.
    How is this basement garage accessed? There doesn’t appear to be an alley and the house is in the middle of the block. Isn’t it?

  16. Posted by eddy

    I saw this hit the market yesterday and was not impressed. There is a virtual tour (name link). The mapjack view shows some odd discoloration on the front corner of the house. The fact that they cropped out the garage path tells me there is some issue there they are hiding. Do they have an easement with the neighbor who seems to have no parking? The interior is a notch up from the borne mansion. It’s like they forgot to have the estate sale or something. There have been a few wrecks to hit the market that sold in the $500 psf range, but this is better than those homes. I’d say we’re talking close to $650 psf on the extreme low end to $725 on the high end. For the sake of specificity I’ll go with 700 @ $3.9M. This place needs a lot more than a new kitchen. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a higher sale closer to asking, but I certainly wouldn’t have priced it at $4.5. I might have shot for $4.25 as a starting point and even that feels a touch high.
    Mapjack link:

  17. Posted by Red Square

    Anyone saw “Youth in Revolt”? He he.. There is another house with organ!!! They must be popular 🙂

  18. Posted by Rocco

    No doubt the site of many rockin’ Super Bowl Sundays.

  19. Posted by rocco

    @jon & eddy: It appears that this house and the three immediately west of it share some kind of easement for garage access.

  20. Posted by eddy

    @rocco, a little closer look at mapjack and some google earth views shows that the two homes west actually have a shared driveway. Not sure 3368 has any such shared garage / driveway situation. Although the homes to the west have some nasty back yards. But the lot sized are actually quite large. From the looks of the overhead, this place doesn’t have much of a yard at all.

  21. Posted by sleepiguy

    The house two doors west has problems. It’s seriously blighted. I’m not sure if there’s an old person living there, but there’s a caretaker (?) that goes in an out of it periodically. I see him around D7 going in and out of a lot of crumbling old houses. It’s kind of a mystery. I’m not sure if he’s the owner of these properties or not, but it’s all a bit strange. He and Arden should get together.

  22. Posted by Lori

    The kitchen just looks 80s, that’s all. Very poorly done, though. Extremely cheap looking.
    The rest of the house I find to be very disturbing and unsettling. I am really creeped out by the pictures. A paranormal expert should be sent in.

  23. Posted by Mat

    Check out the folks that live near by. You are in a 5-15 Mil plus
    area. Doubt any of the respondents, including me can afford to
    pay 50-150K property taxes per year.

  24. Posted by Conifer

    This is a good buy for this street, although the attached house immediately to the east was cheaper. Two doors down are the Dolbys. There is no garden, but there is a roof above the first floor extension which could be outdoor space.
    The first floor has all the original dark wood, and let us hope no idiot paints it. Although the first floor was expanded only two years after it was built, it still does not feel organic, so to speak, to the original architecture. Its street presence is not equal to the grandeur inside.
    The non-antique grandma furniture is a distraction from the quality and size of the place (but the usual modern staging would not be better.)
    The original dark wood staircase, all the way to the third floor, is a plus, although like the facade it is modest compared to other aspects of the house.
    The front ground floor is below ground, not inhabitable, and the in-law unit may work for a maid or angry teenager, but not for the mother-in-law of anyone who can afford this.
    The second and third floor rooms are numerous and some perhaps too small for the house.
    The Golden Gate Bridge views are great.
    There are two garage space under the extension.
    But the house on the southwest corner of Pacific and Pierce was much finer and a better deal at roughly the same price. (A lot of work going on there now.)
    This would be a great house for the director of music at Grace Cathedral, so he could practice the organ at home.

  25. Posted by eddy

    Sold: $3.5M. $616/psf.
    Apparently, my extreme low end was a bit conservative. I never did get into this place, but it must have been pretty bad. My guess is that this is getting a major overhaul. It’s too nice a block. I suspect someone will make a killing on this property.

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