130 Cresta Vista Drive (Image Source: MapJack.com)
From yesterday’s listing of 130 Cresta Vista Drive:

Immaculate Westwood Highlands 4-story residence with amazing views! Main floor offers spacious dining/living/kitchen and 1/2 bath. Upper floor consists of 3brm 3ba. Two lower levels have additional rooms which could be used as extra bedrooms, office rooms or entertainment rooms.

From the San Francisco Police with respect to the arrest of four suspects across four properties three weeks ago for growing marijuana on a relatively large scale.

The locations searched were 130 Cresta Vista Drive, 15 Dorchester Way, and 1400-1402 Kansas Street. Officers observed an elaborate marijuana grow operation with numerous grow lights and ballasts in place at each location, including both flats on Kansas. Police seized a total of over 5,900 marijuana plants, with an estimated street value in excess of $200,000.

We’ll assume the electric meter bypass has since been removed from that lower level. And while it appears the suspect arrested at 130 Cresta Vista was renting, no word on 15 Dorchester Way or 1400-1402 Kansas Street which said suspect appears to own.
∙ Listing: 130 Cresta Vista Drive (5/5.5) – $1,350,000 [MLS]
San Francisco Police Arrest Four Suspects In Marijuana Grow Busts [sf-police.org]

15 thoughts on “The Old Bonus Rooms (So To Speak) At 130 Cresta Vista Drive”
  1. Nice find! Shouldn’t the ganja be rent controlled to keep prices low?
    [Editor’s Note: Credit for the find goes to a plugged-in tipster.]

  2. Does “immaculate” cover the property damage from a grow house? Grow houses are generally toxic from all the mold (heat + water). Not as bad as a meth kitchen, but you’ll probably need to strip to the studs and dry in places where the plants were. I’d ask for invoices of the remediation before putting in a bid.

  3. jon wrote:

    Asset seizure. Can you spell it?

    The suspected growers will probably claim that they were cultivating “compassionate care medical cannabis” as allowed by Proposition 215, and while it probably won’t ultimately work, it’ll stave off seizure proceedings for quite a while.

  4. Stoners go with bad architecture? Then how do you explain the Haight, Ashbury Heights, or all those cute restored places in Berkeley and North Oakland? In my experience stoners are one of the only social groups that comes anywhere near to the gentrifying force of gay men.

  5. 130 Cresta Vista Drive has fallen out of escrow and its short sale “list price” has been reduced to $999,000. Purchased for $1,200,000 in September 2004, asking $1,350,000 this past February.

  6. Nice. Good luck to the buyer de-grow housing this place. Hope all the brick I see on this street is all facade.

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