Apparently UCSF faces a mid-November deadline to raise almost $250 million more for its planned Mission Bay Medical Center. But no report of what doesn’t happen if they don’t.
UCSF hospital under gun to raise $250M [San Francisco Business Times]
Making Way For UCSF’s New Mission Bay Medical Center [SocketSite]

11 thoughts on “UCSF’s Mission Bay Hospital Needs $250M By November, Or Else…”
  1. warning: ignorance alert (on my part)
    I simply can’t see them not getting this built somehow some way. IMO this medical center is the most important piece of the whole master plan. Besides Parnassus is bursting from the seams.
    I don’t know how they’re going to do it, and it’s not a good environment at all to do it, but somehow I think it might get done.
    Perhaps when we get stimulus II the money will go towards this. Better use of it than the foolish Transbay fiasco. (all in my ignorant opinion of course)
    if nothing else, perhaps they’ll just start with a scaled down version such as children’s and women’s hospital or something, then add the rest later.

  2. Agree Ex-SFerthat the stimulus money going to the Transbay fiasco would be much better spent on helping the new UCSF hospial(s) get built.
    I read months back that UCSF was running into potential money problems getting the hospital done. The plans were being re-architected to bring down the costs.
    I don’t see them not building it. What if they get just 75% of the money by November. Won’t they just delay construction a bit to get the rest?
    I am unaware that funding is contingent on a hard construction start date. But as you I am ignorant on the specific details of when/how construction must start.
    Ultimately it will maybe be delayed and scaled back, but no way will it be halted IMO.
    This does speak to the fragility of all these plans now. Mission Bay to SOMA/TranBay. The City recognizes this could all collapse which IMO is why they are waiving/delaying fees for developers on proposed downtown SOMA condo towers. Course that means nothing if the developers can’t get funding which does not look too promising in the immediate and medium term future.
    Bottom line is that buildout on all this is going to be pushed back – 5 or 10 years. Maybe longer.
    IMO a significant delay gives the City and residents a perfect opportunity to re-visit some of these plans. If the delay is long enough the planning should start over so that maybe something realisitc and positive for the city can be done here.

  3. Are there any views of this thing from 3rd St?
    Or is this another suburban Mission Bay special turning its back on the surrounding streets?

  4. UCSF has to build this to reach compliance with new earthquake requirements. One of the two buildings now used for the Parnassus hospital was built in the 1950’s and can’t be used for inpatients under the new codes. So I can’t see this being significantly delayed.
    Of UCSF, CPMC, and SFGH’s reconstruction plans to meet the new codes, SFGH is the furthest ahead, thanks to the bond passed by SF voters. There’s a hole in the ground now on Potrero.

  5. This is the best time to build. Contractors are hunger work and prices have come down significantly. They risks to loose millions of savings if they don’t crack ground soon.
    If they don’t meet deadline, I suspect they will proceed anyways to try use the funds in place and phase construction to smaller bites. If they don’t, they’ll loose momentum and their pledges.
    Just a guess.

  6. I don’t know the political and financial issues behind building of the new campus. I just simply cannot see how SF and the State of California is going to allow one of their crown jewels to continue to go on the long down slide. You are talking about the nation’s very best medical school, pharmacy school, nursing school and dental school plus Nobel caliber researches. Moffit and Long hospital are both old and seismic risks, the neighbors don’t like them, there is horrible parking and nowhere to expand. UCSF has been losing talents over the past decade. Can we afford not to bring this project forward ?

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