2550 Webster Moving Day

A plugged-in tipster reports from in front of the Bourn Mansion at 2550 Webster Street in Pacific Heights:

The end of an era? The start of a new chapter? Either way, 2 moving trucks and a few movers seem to be taking out the old. Looking forward to the new!

Both. And so are we. Now which tipster is going to be the first to leak liberate the plans?

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25 thoughts on “A Landmark Bourn Mansion Moving Day (And End Of An Era)”
  1. I don’t know anything yet about the sale, but I can’t be the only person in D7 that’s noticed Arden everywhere recently. She may only have the one black outfit, but she still seems pretty well put together and totally on her game. I wonder what she’s up to?

  2. Where is the paparazzi when you need them? I haven’t seen her in the hood at all! Someone take some shots and send them in! I only have my one blurry one from my Blackberry at one of the first broker tours…

  3. Remember? It was sold. It was a sale approved in court. How do you leave a place you don’t even live at? Maybe the bankruptcy trustee is taking some of the antiques.

  4. I saw her on Fillmore st. a few days ago catching the bus. I wanted to yell out “where’s my money” since she owes me about $2k for a security deposit which I will never see.

  5. I don’t remember the exact details from when I had such concerns on a different property, but as far as getting someone out, it is much easier to get a previous owner out than a tenant. An owner is not covered by tenants rights as long as you don’t do anything stupid like accept some kind of rent payment or somehow create a tenancy.

  6. exactly right. nice to hear from someone who has actual experience rather than the usual conventional wisdom that masquerades as info on ss.

  7. I found it a little odd that there were trucks from 2 different movers; perhaps indicating separate destinations. Yes, I’ve seen Arden out and about. But she’s been around the hood for a while. Just slightly more visible. I suspect she came out with some cash from the sale.

  8. This morning I noticed 2 security guards out front of the BM. There was 1 there the other day, but I wasn’t sure if he was from the school nearby. No doubt about it though, these guys (and the guy the other day) were watching the property. So it seems Arden or her co-tennants may not have gone so quietly. I’m loving this new owner who isn’t fooling around here. This should be interested.

  9. Nobody lived there, tho.
    And Arden probably made a lot of cash. I think she had three properties and two were sold by court order. Considering that she had them for 30 years or more, she probably netted quite a lot.
    I hope it was an end user who bought this house. It was probably great back in the day when its view cleared whatever was on Broadway before. And before tall buildings were erected due south and up the hill.

  10. There was a squatter in the property. He lived there.
    Arden was in BK, so she probably did not end up with a lot of cash, if any. Her properties where cross-collaterized with hard money loans. No doubt there will be a huge tax liability when the properties are sold.

  11. OK. I was told nobody lived there, and as far as cross collaterized notes, that’s not compatible with the information I received either. But I stopped short of pulling up the tax and transaction histories of all her properties.

  12. Yeah, someone or something was living there…
    I’m curious, what other properties did she lose? She has one over on Steiner that looks in desperate need of some TLC.

  13. Someone was definitely living there. I saw a younger man in his 20s very suspiciously unlocking a padlock on the gate and sleeking thought. Lights going on and off at all hours, etc… MLS was updated to In-Escrow Firm today as well.

  14. The owner declared bankruptcy and the property has been sold in order to raise money to pay off existing debts. There will be little if any money left over. She is trying to take out mortgages on her remaining two properties as well in order to get control of them back from the trustee (with whom she has not been cooperating).

  15. So odd… I wonder why she’s so desperate to hang on to some of these places? How great is her debt? She should/could sell the Steiner property for close to 2 million even in its blighted condition.

  16. There’s some action at the Bourn Mansion. Looks like someone might have moved in or its gettting ready for a flip. Property owners are Gloria and Greg McCandless. They own G & G McCandless Properties LLC.

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