Add another item to the list of things we like about the Hamilton: its community (and a plugged-in reader’s inside report).

I live in this building and can help to answer some of the questions. Overall it is a great building with some fantastic social people living here. Our community is a cross section of SF: young, old, straight, gay, couples, singles…

We have great (sometimes – whole floor) parties! (We also offer the lobby, back patio and ballroom as an event rental space to anyone inside or outside the bldg.)

The neighborhood can grate on your nerves but is changing. As a community we regularily have discussions about our surroundings with the police and supervisors. Most of us are tring to improve our area – we are not the type to sit around and whine.

The building contains 186 units which are mostly studios. There are two 1-bedrooms per floor and one two bedroom. The corner studios have some of the best views in the city!

The [penthouse] does include leased parking in the basement – the current penthouse owner paid a significant amount of money to jump the line. That being said the parking list is turning over very fast right now – maybe a year to get to the top. This change could be attributed to the economy. But I do know of some residents who have gave up their cars to walk / use the car shares instead.

The building does have somewhat high dues. Not sure what the dues on the penthouse include but my dues include utilities (water, steam heat, electricity), full time manager, full time maintenance/cleaning staff, 24hr security/doorman, package hold service + reserve fund contribution. We have never had an assessment.

Over the last 10 years, the owners have spent a lot of money to restore the lobby, back patio, ballroom and 16th roof deck along with the regular maintenance for a 80 yr old bldg. Next month we are adding a gym to the building.

I believe the [penthouse] sold for $2.5 mil around 2000.

Cheers and comments on the original thread. Now about those invitations to your next whole floor party…