The Hamilton (631 O'Farrell)

We’ve always had a thing for the Art Deco Hamilton building (one of the first hotel/apartment to condo conversion buildings in San Francisco). And we’re particularly fond of the well designed units which enable 520 square feet to live as large as 800 elsewhere (enter 631 O’Farrell #504).

Now if only this were one of those corner units…

∙ Listing: 631 O’Farrell #504 (0/1) – $379,000 [MLS]

27 thoughts on “Pay For 520, But Live Like 800 (With Bonus Points For “Trendyloin”)”
  1. If only they had matched the appliances to the blue accents in the kitchen instead of the typical boring stainless steel.

  2. Trendyloin is old – that names been around for several years in the Mission hipster/SPUR/Planning Department circles, but it actually means something. As the Mission gentrifies, it’s becoming the new centrally located affordable hub for wanna-be artists, club kids, bike types and hipsters du jour. Unlike the Mission, I doubt it will ever gentrify though (at least to the same extent) because of all the residential hotels and subsidized affordable housing in the area.

  3. My very first apt in SF from 2000-2002 was unit 505 in this building. Same layout and right next door to this one. I think the folks here did some great stuff in opening up the kitchen to the living area (mine had a wall there), the custom closet, and the updated bathroom. I won’t comment on color choices, however. That’s subjective, I realize. The unit does face pretty much directly north so it doesn’t really get direct sunlight much.
    I will say that, even without the modifications, the space seemed pretty roomy. Friends who came over would always be surprised at how large it was for a studio. The closet is very big (a small room unto itself) but you have to go through it to get to the bathroom (unless they somehow changed that here, but I don’t see it).
    Nonetheless, I had to get out of that neighborhood. Extremely convenient location but there is the street scene. I never felt in danger, just annoyed.

  4. Jake,
    I agree, the “hotels” that have been taken over to host the transients are not going anywhere.
    I don’t see anyone having the guts to stop the “Care not Cash” program and release 1000s of residential homeless into the streets.

  5. The location is extremely convenient to the best cheap eats in the city, like Pagaloc, Dottie’s, Lahore and Osha Thai.

  6. I live in this bldg and it is on the cleanest block in the tenderloin. It is right across from Lahore Karai /Dim Sum bar and the corner has a burrito place and two busy corner stores with fresh fruit/veggie. It is four blocks from Union square, a straight shot to H&M!. The jones/ofarrell corner is real skanky part of the walk.
    What makes this place is that the building has a great community of people: old, yuppies, gay, lesbian, 1st time homeowners, retirees, couples, penthouse people and a few kids. The studio layouts are spacial efficient without a wasted inch. Other the years each owner has personalized their spaces by taking down walls, updating kitchens/bathrooms, etc.
    I own a corner units with a fantastic urban view: pac bell to catherdal hill. It is difficult to consider moving another place when the view is so amazing.

  7. Census data shows this Art Deco gem to be on the highest income tract in the ‘loin. Not too bad as this is a doorman building with transportation and conveniences aplenty. Kinda reminds my of NYC style, without the price. As long as your Street IQ > 100, you should be fine.

  8. not sure why people pine over in unit laundry – I met many of my neighbors in the bldg’s laundry room!

  9. I’m with those who don’t make an issue of in-unit laundry. My 2-bedroom (not this building) has a hookup, but I removed the machines. The storage space is more useful and the laundry room is right down the hall.
    The area is not going to gentrify much, but the price is right and it’s real urban living with everything handy or within a block or two. I say thumbs up.

  10. Yes spencer, we know it’s not Pacific Heights and seventeen people are murdered outside this building every day.

  11. I lived on that same block and it is *not* “central to everything.” You are nowhere near a full service grocery store or a post office.
    That block is fine, but the problem is that to get to the subway you have to walk through the worst part of the Tenderloin. I did it for years with no problems, but I every day I felt like I was pushing my luck.
    I can’t believe that is a custom closet. Maybe I am missing something, but it looks terrible. And natural light in a closet is never a good thing. It will fade your clothes.
    I’ve been in this building and the elevators are teeny, tiny, like phone booths. There better be a freight elevator for moving in or it’s going to be a real challenge.

  12. To: bgelldawg- bitter party of one, cheer up its a holiday weekend! Those are custom closets I’ve seen them at the Container Store and they are custom and very EXPENSIVE!! And I hardly doubt those blue glass blocks are going to fade your clothes.
    The MLS listings say there are 186 units…MMMMmmm geez I’m sure they have figured out a way to move in by now. Why are you worried about the elevators?

  13. belidawg,
    yes, the closest “full service” grocery store is the cala foods up on california (up the hill) and the post office is at macys. But the closest farmers market is at un plaza and the macys post office vis open sundays. Why not buy only what you need?
    The bldg is a coverted hotel – almost 80 years old and has its share of quirks.. But it does haves 6 person passenger elevators and a freight elevator for move ins/outs.
    why be so negative?

  14. My first SF condo was in the Hamilton. I bought it for about 65k and sold it 18 months later for 100k+. (Those were the days.) Yes, the neighborhood requires some vigilance. But, it is a very convenient area (and so easy to send out laundry!) There have been many improvements in the public areas since I was there, and, as another poster pointed out, the resident community is very diverse. I would be happy to still be living in my little unit at the Hamilton. I always look back at it fondly.

  15. I’ve been to several units in the Hamilton, as I’m a first-time homebuyer. I used to live down the street at 540 O’Farrell, and, yes, the neighborhood can be described as diverse.
    But after looking at lots of properties with my agent, in both San Francisco, Emeryville, and Oakland, I must say you do get a great deal at the Hamilton. This unit was nicely redone, although the blue glass tiles and the paint choices were not to my taste, but can easily be changed. I’ve seen other units on higher floors for less money, ie. #603 for $349,000 and HOAs paid for a full year. And, I’ve seen units for much more that were not remodeled. The building did seem to have a nice neighborly feel to it, the security guard in the lobby was helpful, and there is a freight elevator to move all my bigger furniture. For a first time homebuyer, I’m giving serious consideration to moving in!

  16. 10K off 379K. Boring. Wake me up when it reaches the 200s.
    Or maybe the seller should have increased the price. That would have given us a good jolt (and a better talking piece). 10K is too small to mean anything apart from the fact that the DOM was just rolled back…

  17. Apartment looks great! The building is gorgeous!
    Neighborhood is not diverse–it’s ATROCIOUS! SF needs to wake up and give the homeless the boot. Shut down every one of those bum hotels.
    So. cool pad. But ask yourself this: do you feel lucky?

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