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The mixed-use development at the corner of Franklin and Hayes has been dubbed LindenHayes and apparently the residential address will be 233 Franklin (versus 231). Hopefully not to be confused with Linden Hayes Fine Art at 1925 Hayes.

From the development’s website that’s now live as pointed out by a plugged-in reader:

The lobby, accentuated with wood-paneled walls, is highlighted with decorative panels by Lumicor. The distinctive exterior is a composition of materials including brick, fiber cement rainscreen panels, metal and glass. The courtyard was created by Marta Fry Landscape Architects and features a unique design of paving and planter walls to provide a serene setting of trees and plantings complementing the quality architecture of LindenHayes.

The living areas of the units have hardwood floors in Brazilian cherry or European white oak, by Berg and Berg. Generous bathrooms feature expansive custom tile finishes and frameless glass enclosures. All the residences include washer/dryer (gas) hookups. Exterior doors and windows are custom-built metal-framed systems with insulated glass by Bonelli, and feature floor-to-ceiling windows in main living areas.

In the kitchens: Studio Becker cabinets, Bertazzoni stoves, Fisher Paykel refrigerators, Bosch dishwashers and microwaves/vented hoods. One car parking per unit, air conditioning, and occupancy as early as February, 2010. Floor plans online.

And confirming our previously reported scoop, “The very popular Grove [Café] is planned to be located at the Hayes and Franklin corner.”

19 thoughts on “233 Franklin Dubbed “LindenHayes” (And An Overview Now Online)”
  1. “LindenHayes”?
    A bit of an annoying early 70’s touch. Is not 233 Franklin wholly classic, respectful — and possibly more informative? (I know, it’s not like this is a landmark structure or anything).
    Marketers love this sort of thing — however a savvy HOA will eliminate the affectation and revert name officially to 233 Franklin.

  2. Disappointing that square footage isn’t listed on the floor plans.
    Anyone know what range asking will be on some of these units?
    Also, is it just me, or is the lack of 1BR+den units in many new developments disappointing?

  3. Looks like the finishes will be better than the Hayes…Gas Kitchen, exhaust vented to the outside, hardwood floors standard…

  4. Very high end finishes and AC. Don’t know if this is too high end for the neighborhood – like Argenta. Kitchens look small. I don’t like the look of big semi-pro appliances on steroids all crammed into a small area without enough cabinetry for the serious cook who’s supposed to want this stuff. So they spend 4X what they should on kitchen appliances, which appeals to only a minority of buyers, and only put in a connection for the laundry, when almost everyone uses a washer/dryer in their unit. No balconies on the units either. This would be a show-stopper for me.

  5. Speaking of venting the Stove hood to the outside, do people here have experience with this issue?
    I am remodelling 3 units, and two of them I will have to use the self vent of the microhood, as there is mo easy way to vent outside. The top unit will vent through the roof.
    Is the self vent such a disadvantage to average cooks/users. Good news is that a big window is a 6 feet away from the stove.
    I have little experience with self venting microhoods, so would appreciate hearing from others 🙂

  6. Hipster – A hood with powerful fans that vents outside is important to me. Those recirculating filter things don’t do squat when up against a big stir fry.

  7. I did a hardhat tour last week of the two bedrooms (specifically the 01 and 03 stacks). The 01, which is the corner Franklin/Hayes unit, was ~1200 sqft.
    @poor in pacheights – one of units, i think on the top floor, has a courtyard patio.

  8. A vented hood is important to anyone who cooks regularly. The recirc hoods hardly do squat when faced with the challenge of boiling water, much less cooking meat on a grill pan.

  9. hipster: I have a vented hood in my home and a recirc hood in a condo — a huge difference. I don’t bother to cook in my condo since the kitchen smells never quite leaves. I would never buy or rent a place without a vented hood and I am not an experienced cook.
    BTW, who is doing your remodeling work? any good deals nowadays? I’ve been looking for someone to do some work.

  10. I’ve seen prices quoted from low 800s to 1M. Think that is for the 2br units (I hope). Going to look at it next week, although I’m also concerned that it may be too high-end and will stick out in the neighborhood.

  11. Thanks for the feedback folks. At home our hood vents to the outside, but it’s pretty whimpy ass. If I grill meat on a cast iron skillet it doesn’t do Jack. Moral of the story: to be effective you need to vent to the outside and have a ‘real’ hood that can move some btu’s. The $200 nulite(?) HD special I have doesn’t cut it.
    Live smart- there are definitely deals out there. I ended up putting Hans grohe fixtures (score!) for my rentals as I got killer close out deals. Don’t under estimate craigslist for hardware and materials. There are real vendors selling there. I also got a granite guy and will try an electrician (for specialized intercom work only.). Lots of folks are hurting for business and turning to CL. Just check them out carefully, and spend lots of time talking to them to see if they know what they are doing.

  12. The place seems pretty nice: clean and modern. Nice space in the garage. Reasonable square footages, although I will agree with the above commentor that the kitchens are a little small. Not tiny, just adequate. Prices are confirmed at 700k – 900k for 2/2, but all under 1M, even for the 3brs. Not many units spoken for yet for a Feb deadline…

  13. I saw one the units coming on the markets a few days ago for 849K, and just reduced to 649K.
    Yeah, price it at 1000/sf then lower it to 800/sf. That will work!
    [Editor’s Note: Think data entry error (the price was changed from $849,000 to $649,000 the same day it was listed).]

  14. Any thoughts on the location? I know its borderline close to Western Addition and Polk Street. Just curious in terms of re-sale what people think?

  15. No worries on the location if what you’re asking is “is it a dangerous sketchy neighborhood”..it’s prime Hayes Valley…full of yuppies and concert goers. The only downside to the location is that Franklin is a major cross-town arterial that is always full of traffic.

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