54-58 South Park Facade
From the peek to a poke to the sale of 54 South Park for a reported $3,375,000, we now have the word on 56 South Park, the roughly 2,000 square foot (plus 600 square feet of outdoor space) just closed escrow for a reported $2,300,000 (15% under asking).

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  1. Posted by South Park resident

    It’s interesting that they sold both units at relatively high prices PSF. We live in One South Park and the building sold out a month or so back. The penthouse resale in the building went fairly quickly into contract. I know there is a lot of debate on SS about the merits of South Park. We like living here. Our neighbors seem to as well. They are an interesting mix of couples, singles, out-of-towners and even some families. Those rumored people buying second homes in SF really exist. I think there really is demand out there for quality condo developments, especially on/near South Park.

  2. Posted by jessep

    Here’s where those muppets belong!

  3. Posted by steve

    $1150 per sq ft. I’m shocked.

  4. Posted by avwh

    Well, counting the outdoor space (which is fairly private, except for the unit above it), I guess you could argue it’s “only” $885/SF.
    I am surprised they got that close to the ask, though, even though it’s definitely high-end, well-designed space.

  5. Posted by sparky-b

    Can I count outdoor space too, next time I sell a property. That would be great.

  6. Posted by midcentfan

    I hear the building next door is going on the market shortly for a fortune — $5 million?

  7. Posted by steve

    sparky-b, only if your next project is more alpha than beta, lol

  8. Posted by stan

    Oh my god! They killed Kenny!

  9. Posted by sparky-b

    steve, it’s in a b(eta)-rated hood so I guess I can’t count the decks.

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