410 45th Avenue
From the listing: “Absolutely stunning remodeled single family house.” We’ll just have to agree. Now about Sandoval’s illegal paving legislation
UPDATE: A plugged-in reader gets the credit and we simply couldn’t resist: “Slap the proper adornment in the right place and you’ve got yourself your own little Portuguese flag.” But damn it, now we’re craving some port.
∙ Listing: 410 45th Avenue (4/2) – $839,000 [MLS]
We’re All In Favor (But Wondering If It Will Actually Work) [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by EH

    out toward the beach? the hell you say!
    and what’s up with comments taking a dog’s age to post (again)? trying to keep participation down? 🙂

  2. Posted by sfrenegade

    Wow, this place doesn’t look nearly as hideous on the inside as one might think.
    So was this remodeled between its last sale at $450K in Aug 2003 and now?

  3. Posted by bornnraised

    Green concrete is almost as nice as actual grass I suppose.

  4. Posted by Delancey

    Well, that’s one way to stop the neighborhood dogs pissing on your lawn.

  5. Posted by Debtpocalypse

    Red concrete is almost as nice as red carpet I suppose.

  6. Posted by Fishchum

    I like this area a lot. I drive through here on my way home from playing golf in GG Park all the time. The key is you’ve got to get a place with a view, and then you’ve got to feel the view on a clear day is worth all the days of being socked in by the fog.

  7. Posted by Tweety

    Beach Chalot! LOL!

  8. Posted by Gil

    The outer avenues are to me one of the ugliest/depressing middle class neighborhoods of any American city. This house is a perfect poster child for that.

  9. Posted by kthnxybe

    I work out there and it is absolutely lovely about a total of 45 days a year, pretty okay another 45 and kind of bleak the rest of the time. Not to mention being terribly inconvenient/not very walkable.
    The lovely days ARE lovely though and the fog grows on you after awhile. I love to hike around at lunch time.

  10. Posted by t

    the only thing missing are some muppets hanging out the windows

  11. Posted by R

    Christmas decorations come out earlier and earlier every year.

  12. Posted by EBGuy

    For comparison, 783 28th Avenue (2,340 sq.ft.) was taken back by the bank on Oct. 13 for $962,200. Originally bought for $1.418million in March of 2006.

  13. Posted by What's the story?

    Slap the proper adornment in the right place and you’ve got yourself your own little Portuguese flag

  14. Posted by anonn

    Green concrete is almost as nice as actual grass I suppose
    Turf doesn’t belong out there, IMO. What’s wrong with sandy soil and long grass?

  15. Posted by eddy

    This is a fine example of staging the exterior. Clearly in 2007, this had a very bland front.

  16. Posted by Forehand

    Honest question — why do people put such a high value on view? Sure, I like a nice view given the choice, but paying 100k – 500k more for it?
    I can think of a multitude of things that money could be better spent on to improve quality of life in your home. I’m sure you could too.
    For an extra 200k “view” I could instead buy:
    1) my own tennis court
    2) my own indoor racquetball court
    3) pool and hot tub
    4) add your item here
    And still have change leftover for an indentured servant.

  17. Posted by resp

    LIU = realtor & owner
    LEE = owners wife/partner
    LIE = “Absolutely stunning remodel”
    LET = (as in beach chalet) correct spelling
    LOW = my interest in this property

  18. Posted by SF Monty Rez

    Nice color choices if you’re a Miami Dolphins fan.

  19. Posted by Snark17

    “the most desirable neighborhood of San Francisco Outer Richmond” LOL
    Perfect front and back yard if you are allergic to plant life.

  20. Posted by EBGuy

    They appear to have managed a refi or HELOC every two years… not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  21. Posted by anon$random

    wow! so many stupid things to comment on with regards to this property/listing…so little time.
    WTF is with that red concrete? the mapjack photo without the painted floors looked way better.

  22. Posted by whatever

    resp gets a FAIL the spelling as well.
    Realtor = LUI =/ LIU

  23. Posted by sunset guy

    The “custom gate” was customized at Home Depot. The “landscape” will give proper direction for landing your helicopter. The kitchen was from Lowe’s and I would cut my wrist rather than live there.
    This has to be a crime in some code down at city hall.

  24. Posted by anon$random

    looks like randy LUI posts under “whatever”
    an educated guess, i guess.

  25. Posted by sparky-b

    As far as the few nice days, we are running about 20 in a row right now.

  26. Posted by salarywoman

    I bet the neighbors are hoping it sells and gets replaced with something else. Anything else! Soon!
    Hmmmm. NIMBY management via exterior decor?

  27. Posted by EBGuy

    @sparky-b, I keep meaning to ask, were you the contractor on the the Dwell remodel?

  28. Posted by sparky-b


  29. Posted by EBGuy

    @sparky-b, Not my cup of tea (I wouldn’t want to live there), but it does looks stupendous. Did you have to put in structural steel for the cantilevered deck? I imagine you also had to expand your toolbox and do some things for the first time (those stairs are interesting…) Nothing like a challenge to beef up the resume — nicely done.

  30. Posted by Russian Hill Dweller

    Not exactly “stunning” unless you get “stunned” walking down the aisles of Home Depot

  31. Posted by sparky-b


  32. Posted by Tall Guy

    Good for an alcoholic, you’d never accidentally stumble past your house.
    And yes, dear editor, do you have this site running on an Apple II? Are you aware you can buy some processing power on the cheap nowadays? 🙂

  33. Posted by Alexei

    Seems like a good candidate for an expansion, what with the back yard being blocked in by its neighbors. You’d think it’d be easier to get approval.

  34. Posted by deshard

    Seems like a good candidate for a tear down….

  35. Posted by Delancey

    …some TLJ required…
    (tender loving jackhammering)

  36. Posted by John

    What’s people’s the problem?
    Yes, the exterior is ugly. However, how much does a new coat of paint cost? $2000?
    What’s the big deal?

  37. Posted by SocketSite

    The listing for 410 45th Avenue has been withdrawn from the MLS without a sale.

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