430 Main / 429 Beale Rendering (Image Source: AB Design Studios)

Approved by Planning with a 6-1 vote in May, according to a plugged-in reader the Board of Supervisors voted 10-2 10-0 in favor of an appeal of the 430 Main/429 Beale project.

430 Main / 429 Beale: Aerial Rendering (Image Source: AB Design Studios)

As such, the proposed six-story and 113-unit building will now require an Environment Impact Report (EIR) to move forward with development.

From our reader, “Look for a lawsuit against the city to follow.”

UPDATE: While one reader notes there are only 11 supervisors, another thinks that a focused rather than full blown EIR might suffice (which would reduced the delay and dollars involved). We’ll see if we can’t clarify on both points.

6 thoughts on “430 Main/429 Beale Development Delayed”
  1. The only developer who will sue the city is the one who will never need anything from the city again.
    If this is really a viable project (??) and the developer is capitalized he will not sue the city.
    If it is a marginal project in the first place and/or developer is not in a position to build finance etc anyway, and he is not from San Fran, then he might sue on the way out of town.
    It has been a very hollow threat, historically.

  2. A 10-2 vote huh?
    I thought by now Socketsite would know that there is only 11 Supervisors.
    [Editor’s Note: Good point, let’s see if we can’t clarify.]

  3. Fish,
    They are to be rental units. They got into that at the meeting and I thought it might go through because of that.
    Per the hearing, I though they voted to do a focused review of the bay bridge polution. Daly cleary said that he didn’t want to decide on how that would be done and leave it open. A focused EIR, a neg.-dec., or whatever is worked out with planning and the parties.
    [Editor’s Note: Condo mapped but with an agreement to be rentals for at least 20 years.]

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