430 Main / 429 Beale Rendering (Image Source: AB Design Studios)

A plugged-in tipster reports on last night’s Planning Commission meeting:

“Looks like 430 Main / 429 Beale was approved last night with a 6-1 vote. The one in opposition, of all people, was Commissioner Antonini, who was in full support of the project and merely opposed the condition that the project remain rental for at least 20 years before going to condos. (As he stated, he believes boxing a developer in can only be detrimental).”

113 apartments sandwiched between the existing Baycrest condos and a Caltrans yard.

430 Main / 429 Beale: Aerial Rendering (Image Source: AB Design Studios)

And with construction slated to begin early 2010.

UPDATE: A bit more detail from the San Francisco Business Times:

The eight-story building will consist of 60 percent 500 square-foot studios and 40 percent two-bedroom units that will average about 875 square feet. [Portland-Pacific President Chris Zupsic] called it “affordable by design” and said the units would be suitable for a down economy when many residents are wary of chic high-end housing.

“We knew this market was coming and that this was going to be the right kind of product for this market,” he said. “This is not a high amenities building. There is no concierge, no swimming pool, no workout room. It’s very straight forward.”

Portland-Pacific hopes to finance the building through Housing and Urban Development’s Section 220, a program in which the Federal Housing Administration insures construction loans for multifamily housing projects located in urban renewal area. Zupsic said they are already far along in the HUD Section 220 application process and that Wells Fargo would be providing the FHA-backed loan. The project was designed by AB Design Studios and will be constructed by BCCI Construction.

25 thoughts on “113 New Apartments at 430 Main/429 Beale Approved By Planning”
  1. Oh look, another lego building!
    Antonini’s point seems valid though. Agreed the location sucks, but more housing is good.

  2. Despite the bridge noise, Rincon Hill seems like a great place to live, especially with the transbay development additions unfolding over the next 5-10 years.
    Also, glad to finally see new rentals in the area. Sign me up! Who needs another partially vacant luxury tower anyways? The days of those being feasible have passed…

  3. I think there’s a movement to fill all freeway underpasses with residential units. That way at least the bums could have a living room and kitchen.

  4. with respect to living under a bridge, do you guys have any opinion about living in Portside? it’s one of the buildings i’ve been looking at during the shopping process.

  5. Condoshopper:
    “with respect to living under a bridge, do you guys have any opinion about living in Portside?”
    I live at Bridgeview (one block from Portside), and love living in the area. There are times that I wish the bridge was not there, but I think that the locational “discount” is factored into the purchase price. I could not have afforded as nice of a unit (at the time I purchased) in a more mature neighborhood. The area is improving, and in my mind, will only get better. The weather is great, and I love having the Embarcadero so close by. If the unit at Portside fits your needs, and the price is right, I would give it serious thought.

  6. I use to own at Portside and many of my neighbors became friends (most have left). All of us had very positive experiences living there. Well constructed, good financials, you can have a grill on yor patio which is rare for condos, great cost of ownership compared to other place (HOAs reasonable), the kitchen storage and other storage is much better than most… something I didn’t know I should value until I moved. I didn’t have a problem with noise, except the occassional Harley that has something to prove — but that is city living. The valet parking isn’t ideal but it was never an issue and kept overall ownership costs down. I have recommended to friends; I think it’s the best value in South Beach / Rincon Hill. I live now live elsewhere and finding myself missing much about Portside.

  7. Portside is wonderful….if your lifelong dream was to guest star on The Love Boat. Sorry, I don’t mean to bash, but every time I go to that building I wonder if Isaac Washington is serving mojitos somewhere. For me, the whole nautical theme is kind of weird. Like being stuck on a never-ending cruise.
    I will say that the units are great inside, though. Nice finishes for a building that’s now 12 years old.

  8. Symphony Towers was also originally approved as rentals, but later went condo.
    Others who started out as rentals and went condo: Baycrest and 1 Embarcadero South (88 King).

  9. Hi people,
    thanks for the feedbacks regarding Portside. Also, in general, do you think there are any health concerns when one is directly or nearly directly under a bridge like that, with regards to pollution?

  10. condoshopper:
    Part of the process of getting a project built in Rincon Hill is doing certain Analysis, one being Air Quality. Those projects in Rincon Hill would not have been built if there were health concerns in those locations.

  11. I had my doubts that the neighbors would convince the planning commission to reduce heights…and I was dead right. A lot of people from Baycrest are getting the shaft.

  12. I currently rent at the BayCrest. My unit has ocean view. Ooops, not any more. Well I already gave my notice anyways.

  13. ^^^Ocean view, huh? Is that through a flat screen TV? Or is your unit on a pole 500 feet in the air? Or do you mean Bay views?

  14. Hi Condoshopper
    I am an original owner at Portside. I love the place. Great floor plans/layout, generous square footage, low HOAs and excellent management. The building manager has been here since the beginning and knows the building inside and out. I did comparison shopping and could not find a condo in the neighborhood with similar qualities even at higher prices so I stayed. The garage is only valet during the week days so it does not affect anyone unless they have to come in and out during the week day. City Park is managing the garage now and they are very professional.

  15. Portside is a very attractive building. Never been inside, but I love the nautical theme. If we can get some naughty sailors inside I’d be there hook line and sinker!

  16. I don’t think the building is under the bridge, but wedged right next to it, so renters on certain floors can give a neighborly wave and hello to the east bound bridge traffic. During traffic jams, they could probably hand out coffee, just like at a drive through…

  17. “I have recommended to friends; I think it’s the best value in South Beach / Rincon Hill. . . . I live now live elsewhere and finding myself missing much about Portside.”
    Ditto here, only I’m just temporarily absent and
    will return to Portside as soon as I’m not upside down in East Bay!

  18. thanks for all the great info about portside! it looks like portside units usually sell (or at least ask) a premium to what its neighbor baycrest sells for. i’m waiting for prices to only drop a little bit more, which would be inevitable based on popular opinion on this site and which i believe, before getting serious about buying. it could drop some more, but another 10% to 15% off current prevailing prices would put prices within my personal comfort level.

  19. Since this apparently has become a Portside thread, I rented here for years and when it came time to buy, I bought a different unit in the building. Everyone I know who lives here loves it here. It’s underpriced for the neighborhood, is maintained well, and has really nice furnishings. The windows are sealed so that even if you face the bridge, you can’t hear bridge noise if the windows are closed. There’s also an air filtration system so you can get fresh air in the unit without opening the windows. And yes, Isaac makes me my cocktail every night. = )

  20. “I rented here for years and when it came time to buy, I bought a different unit in the building.”
    Condoshopper – keep in mind that there are many different plans at Portside but some come on the market vary rarely. So if you find one that you really like and plan to make it your home, might be best to make your move before someone else does. Who knows what the future holds for pricing? But interest rates have been ticking up and could certainly go much further . . . . Good luck!

  21. Regarding health concerns in the South Beach neighborhood, I recently moved away from my Bridgeview condo partially due to air quality issues. The black soot from the freeway is terrible and gets into the units, not to mention covering the patio. Breathing this particulate matter cannot be good for you. If you move down there, invest in some air filter machines. You will be surprised at the black “dust” they collect.

  22. This project (430 Main) is DOA as of Tuesdays BOS EIR appeal hearing. The project will now have to have a full blown EIR before it can go forward. The Neg Dec was deemed not satisfactory with a 10 to 2 vote by the BOS. Look for a lawsuit against the city to follow.

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