1133-1143 Taylor
From a plugged-in tipster with respect to 1133-1143 Taylor:

[I]t wasn’t necessarily the building that caught my attention, as was the fact that the top unit (the owners unit penthouse) was where Tony Bennett wrote “I left my heart in San Francisco” and lived for a while.

Unfortunately we can’t confirm, but we have no reason to doubt (especially upon seeing said penthouse and its views).
1133-1143 Taylor: Master Deck View
∙ Listing: 1133-1143 Taylor (10 units) – $5,295,000 [MLS]

12 thoughts on “Where Tony Bennett Left His Heart In San Francisco”
  1. Nice thought, but Tony Bennett didn’t write “I Left My Heart in San Francisco”. He does do a great job singing it though.

  2. Yes, the music was written by George Cory and the lyrics by Douglass Cross in 1954, but it was not performed and recorded by Bennett until 1962.

  3. “Across the street from Nob Hill Cafe — a nabe gem I miss more than any restaraunt in SF”
    Are you kidding? All the Grace-copalians and hill residents I know, myself included, generally hold the Nob Hill Cafe in very low regard, literally, it’s the “place of last resort” in the immediate vicinity. The atmosphere is charming, but the food is bad, greasy, gooey, and the service is very spotty. If it wasn’t for the topographical challenges a hill imposes, and there was an alternative next door, they would be doomed imho.

  4. Nob Hill Cafe – when I lived there it was not great, but definitely not bad either – definitely not a ‘place of last resort’. My fellow ‘hill residents’ would do take-out a lot from there and it was always solid.

  5. The bedroom window is photoshoped, but the Pyramid IS indeed the view, just a different angle. Unfortunately, the shot of the living room does not do it justice, the high ceilings and huge volume of space is stunning… and another fine staging by Arthur McLaughlin.

  6. A lot of gracecopalians eat there but it is definetely “the place of last resort. Moreover, I wouldn’t expect anglophiles to know good food.

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