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A plugged-in tipster notes that while not listed or official “inventory,” 2430 Broadway is on the market. As our tipster notes, “totally redone by Ann Brown a few years back, [and] it’s a bit odd because the house sold in 2001 and again in 2004.”
2430 Broadway Library
Neither the 2001 or 2004 sale prices were reported, but the 2004 sale included a $4,795,000 variable rate loan on what tax records would suggest was a roughly $7 million sale. The 2001 sale involved $5,500,000 in variable rate loans and was asking $8.9 million at the time. And in 2007 the property was refinanced with a $5 million fixed.
Price “upon request” (or as soon as another tipster picks up the phone).
∙ Listing: 2430 Broadway – “Price Upon Request” [Byzantium]

27 thoughts on “Confidential Sales In More Ways Than One: 2430 Broadway”
  1. The premarketing whisper price for this place was around $10.5.
    I’m more interested in the neighboring modern property that was totally redone and is pretty spectacular. Seen to the left in the pic above. Anyone have the scoop on that place? It actually shares an easement with 2430 on the driveway from what I understand.

  2. I still think the thing next door is a monstrosity. The owner went through two contractors, spent well over 8 figures, and the nightmarish construction lasted about 5 years. I believe he added something insane like 5k square feet to the existing structure. The hideous, jack-o-lantern-like facade (complete with eyes, nose, and mouth) is now thankfully now hidden behind a privacy screen (I put in a link below).
    Anyway, I just think 2430 is worth mentioning just because, once again, it has changed hands a number of times in recent years.
    Oh, and speaking of photoshopping. I believe the home was in either Traditional Home or CHaD last year and the editors photoshopped in the view from Presidio Heights instead of the actual view which overlooks the Marina.

  3. I think the modern facade next door is very handsome and understated. it’s modern, simple and pure.
    I guess if you think like a 5 year old, yea, then you might see a jack-0-lantern facade, but I dont. kudos to the owner for spending time and lots of money to upgrade and modernize an old house on Broadway.

  4. I really like the facade next door too. I’ve been waiting for a house like that my whole life!

  5. Speaking of neighbors, what about the 3 unit building at 2440 Broadway (affordable housing, Pac Heights style). According to their website: Master restorer and builder, Meredith Richardson, has lovingly brought these apartments to their original glory, while adding modern amenities such as a 4 car garage serviced by a wood-paneled elevator. Very handsome 4bed/2bath units, and a recent ($2million!) price reduction to $6.9million. Bought for $5,825,000 in May 2005. Think the investors are getting nervous? The building appears to have a $3.6 million ‘variable’ mortgage.

  6. As a side note to the previous post, it appears that Meredith Richardson had a falling out with his TIC partners at 2130-34 Steiner. Their suit alleges: LDefendant Meredith Richardson falsely represented to plaintiffs that he was not able to qualify for the new larger bank loan and he failed and refused to apply for the loan or to provide guaranty. As a result, Plaintiffs were required to make application on the strength of their credit alone and are now solely obligated on a loan of $1.8 million.

  7. The 3 unit bldg is actually already reduced to 6.9 from 7.9. A low ball offer would take this place off the table for sure.
    The 2130 Steiner property is a disaster. D-day for the pacific street place today, but the owners don’t look to be too phased since there is no action whatsoever going on at that address???SF

  8. So already a discount from the pre-marketing price. If the place up the block sold for 5.5 I think this place has an OK chance of getting 9M. Just have to find the buyer.

  9. The neighboring 3 unit – 2440 Broadway – is in escrow.
    Thanks for the update. I guess the price cut got someone’s attention. Wonder if they made any money as holding costs and the renovation were, I imagine, considerable (not to mention those pesky broker fees). They only had $1 million to blow with the new price. Certainly would make some nice condos…

  10. The price seems ok to me… It’s been redone tastefully, and the views are good (no bridge though). The only drawback is that the rooms are pretty small. It’s probably the best on-market listing in D7 right now. I hope someone buys it!

  11. Not surprised. The more I thought about this home, especially in relationship to the other homes that have hit the market recently, and the home that just sold up the hill for 5.5 — this really seemed like a lot of house for a great price. Good luck!

  12. Cool! Too bad it wasn’t my house! It’ll be interesting to see what the final sale price was here. I had a feeling that it closed the other day when I noticed the front had been cleaned up and the lights were on. Congrats to the new owners!

  13. In case anyone is interested in high-end view homes, the house to the left of this place, 2434, is now staged and ready to go… It’s smaller and needs work, but it’ll be fun to see where it’s priced and how quickly it moves, if at all.

  14. This is back at 10.95 million. I’m a little surprised. I think this is its 4th time on the market in the last 10 years or so. Or is it just it’s 3rd. Anyway… Great block. I think the listing price is surprisingly conservative, although at almost 1900 per foot it’s no bargain. A 12.5 list wouldn’t have been unreasonable. It should sell comparatively fast, faster than 2666 anyway.

  15. Wow. The time of “listing to close” is the fastest I’ve seen it, ever. Anyone have hard data?

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