View From The One Rincon Hill Pool Deck
From the recently expired (without a sale) listing for One Rincon Hill (425 1st Street) #1408: “Have a 2nd car? Extra parking is available!”
It’s “Official,” One Rincon Hill’s Tower Two Is Indefinitely On Hold [SocketSite]

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  1. Posted by Fish

    For free? It used to be $150.
    [Editor’s Note: No, not for free but available (and perhaps below market rate) nonetheless.]

  2. Posted by JustLooking

    I have got to admit that the Millennium Tower looks fantastic in the photo. Now if I could just get past the $1,500 psf price and the HOA costs.

  3. Posted by troym

    Can Socketsite do a story on all the new developments? I’ve heard places like Arterra, 77 Van Ness and Montgomery actually raising prices. I guess in Q1 2009 all lowered prices but now they are raising it again.
    Same is true with One Rincon and Infinity. Heard you could have gotten better units in the start of the year and now they will not accept those offers.
    Millennium stuck to their prices and so did Blu and both are only 25% sold. While majority of new development sales are 80%++ ie Infinity, 77 Van Ness, Montgomery, Radiance, ORH etc..

  4. Posted by Paul Hwang

    Parking Spaces are for residences of the building only.

  5. Posted by San FronziScheme

    I guess in Q1 2009 all lowered prices but now they are raising it again.
    Raising prices is the new marketing technique. This is designed to trigger panic buys. Savvy buyers know not to fall for that trick straight out of the perfect salesman book. The same applies to car shopping: car prices going up or less discount given due to too many starry-eyed buyers looking for the good deals and ending up overpaying.

  6. Posted by Morgan

    Did 1RH switch from valet to deeded parking?

  7. Posted by Fish

    No it’s still valet, and the second parking’s been available from the beginning. They only lowered price from $350 to $150 in Jan.

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