Spear Mini-Park (Image Source: The Sluice Box)
As we wrote with respect to the Rincon Hill Area Plan back in 2006:

As part of the Area Plan, a streetscape plan “calls for extensive sidewalk widenings, tree plantings, street furniture, and the creation of new public spaces along streets throughout the district.” And that’s great. Especially considering that the plan currently characterizes “Rincon Hill’s streets [as] unsafe and unpleasant for pedestrians—sidewalks are narrow, intersection crossings dangerous, and few active uses line the sidewalk edge.”

From a plugged-in Aaron over Park On The Sidewalkon The Sluice Box today:

The sacrifice of a lane of traffic and the widening of a sidewalk have enabled the creation of a slender mini park on Spear Street, between Folsom and Harrison Streets in San Francisco’s evolving Rincon Hill neighborhood.

Over the past couple of months this park has begun to take shape as the varied plantings have matured. The parallel rows of trees are filling in and the ground cover is in full purple bloom. While the term park might conjure up thoughts of Golden Gate Park or Central Park, this stretch of sidewalk does manage to contain an impressive combination of elements. A number of wooden benches and substantial concrete rectangles provide seating, while grass covered mounds and loose gravel inject variety into the block-long expanse of sidewalk. This is the first of what should eventually be several similar neighborhood parks.

We love it when an area plan starts to come together. Now about those empty lots
The (Traffic) Plan For Rincon Hill [SocketSite]
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Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by spitpalm


  2. Posted by Harry the Homeless Guy

    I call dibbs on that!

  3. Posted by waiting2nest

    it’s always nice to see some greenery in the midst of a congrete jungle.

  4. Posted by notinpalmsprings

    Thanks to all involved in this design for choosing something other than palms.

  5. Posted by Willow

    While calling this sliver of green a (mini) park is a bit of stretch, nonetheless it is a welcome addition to the area. Much more is needed!

  6. Posted by Paul Hwang

    Great addition to the neighborhood! Now, if we can just keep the dogs off of it, so we don’t have to replace the grass every 3 months…..

  7. Posted by Willow

    More thinking like the high line park in New York would definitely also work in Rincon Hill. There’s so much opportunity to convert a lot of empty concrete space in that part of town.

  8. Posted by jamie

    … speaking of places for dogs, a neighborhood group known as the Bryant Bay Bridge Corridor Adopt-A-Street Group will be meeting at the site of our future dog run, the NW corner of Bryant and Beale, on Saturday, 9/12/2009 at 9am. The Department of Public Works will supply with gloves, trash bags, paint, etc. so that we can clean up that lot … pull weeds, pick up litter, etc. Well-behaved dogs are welcome to enjoy some off leash time in the lot while we’re working on it – a taste of what is to come circa 2011-2012, hopefully. Please join us.

  9. Posted by ex SF-er

    I love this.
    IMO this is what makes a city world class.
    more please!
    I’ve actually been pretty impressed of late as to the greenification attempts around the city. I’m not sure who is marshalling this, but I’m very much in support.

  10. Posted by hiyou

    rincon spring island park
    sculpted change rising towers
    growing trees walk by

  11. Posted by Pete

    I live in the infinity which is where that “park” is. I have to say, its not really a park, more of a 20×20 foot dog litter box. All of the dogs in this area go there to pee and crap, and if you sit on that bench for 15 minutes, you’ll see what i mean. its a nonstop doggie pitstop. Its honestly kind of gross to walk outside in the morning to be greeted by a bunch of dog excremiento… Yes, we need more little green patches, so that this one doesn’t carry all of the local doggie burden.

  12. Posted by salarywoman

    That’s right at the Infinity. Coincidence?

  13. Posted by tharpo

    I agree with Pete. As a person who is both highly allergic and doesn’t like dogs, it frustrates me that every single park in this town gets turned into a de facto dog park, whether it’s posted as one or not. It’s just not fun for non-dog people to go to parks in this town. Shouldn’t green spaces (however tiny) be for everyone to enjoy?

  14. Posted by Jimmy (No Longer Bitter)

    If dogs aren’t allowed in a park, then isn’t the ~50% of the population that are dog owners basically excluded? Reality is that dog owners rarely, if ever, leave the house without their dog except perhaps to go to work. Dogs / pets are as important as children to many people.

  15. Posted by anonn

    Yeah, Jimmy. That’s the problem. I like dogs as much as the next guy but man some people are too much in this town. I’d go as far as to say that there are a lot of people who like their dog much more than they do other people. Sorry, but a tiny little oasis of green does not mean “Dogs, relieve yourselves here 24/7.” Precita Park suffers from the same bad behavior. Some of the doggyfolks around this city need to get a grip.

  16. Posted by Juanita

    More space for people, dogs, whatever…bit less for the cars. And just about any green is good…but who’s going to mow the lawn?

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