According to the sales office at 77 Van Ness, all market rate studios and two-bedrooms have sold and only five (5) one bedrooms remain. The six below market rate units are being placed into contract.
Full Disclosure: While the sales and marketing company for 77 Van Ness currently advertises on SocketSite, 77 Van Ness currently does not (and did not provide any consideration for this post).
77 Van Ness: It’s Two Years Later And The Sales Office Opens Today [SocketSite]

8 thoughts on “77 Van Ness Sales Update: 90 Percent Sold”
  1. anyone know what the dollar per square foot on these units is? i looked at the building and liked what i saw–interesting/cool location and a decent building. if you know what they’re getting i’d be very appreciative.

  2. Does anyone have historical data (or lead me in the right direction) for what the average dollar per square foot by SF District and type (i.e. house, condo, and TIC)?

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