77 Van Ness: One Bedroom View
It’s been a little over two years since a reader first asked what was happening on the corner of Van Ness and Fell (and a plugged-in reader responded, “77 Van Ness Avenue, an eight-story, 100-foot-tall mixed-use development providing residential, office, and retail space.”). And today, the 77 Van Ness sales office opens.
A mix of studios, one-bedrooms and two-bedrooms with 500 square foot studios starting in “the mid to upper $300’s,” one-bedrooms listed from $443,170, and two-bedrooms listed from $641,449. Fifty (50) residential condos total and all floor plans online.
Full Disclosure: While the sales and marketing company for 77 Van Ness currently advertises on SocketSite, 77 Van Ness currently does not (and did not provide any consideration for this post).
77 Van Ness [77vanness.com] [Floor Plans]
∙ Listing: 77 Van Ness #609 (1/1) 575 sqft – $443,170 [MLS]
∙ Listing: 77 Van Ness #503 (2/2) 1,162 sqft – $641,449 [MLS]
Reader’s Questions: That Eureka Moment [SocketSite]
The Unfinished Façade Of 77 Van Ness (And Its 56 Residential Units) [SocketSite]
77 Van Ness Rising (And Our Request For A Rendering) [SocketSite]

45 thoughts on “77 Van Ness: It’s Two Years Later And The Sales Office Opens Today”
  1. Overall, I’m impressed with this building. Livinintheloin, it’s not the best location but $500 HOA’s for a decent sized 1172sf two bedroom is nothing, especially for new construction. It’ll be interesting to see how this one unfolds.

  2. Well, according to the MLS it’s also $500 HOA for the 575 sq ft unit. Sounds like a data error since it can’t be the same HOA assessment for units differing that much in size. For comparison, Symphony Towers has ~$500 for a 700 sq ft unit with similar amenities to this complex. They both even use the Klaus stacker parking system (though I hear the 77 Van Ness might be a more advanced model).

  3. I really like this building. What do the usual critics of SF architecture think? To me this is what I’d like to see more of – nothing fancy, but just nice looking.

  4. Brutus – that’s exactly what I’ve thought since seeing the skin go up. It really fits in well with the adjacent buildings. Much better than the finish on Symphony Towers.

  5. I saw all of the open models this afternoon, the 6th floor was all open and I saw all the floorplans. My favorite is the corner unit, it’s a one bedroom and it is awesome, the windows are pretty impressive on both walls. The closet space if good with a relatively large walk-in. The two bedroom seems a little larger than 1162 sq.ft, and laid out pretty well, they face towards the west. Only wish the two bedroom units had the corner walls of glass. A little sparce on the amenities and the hallways are rather plain, but I bet these will move quickly.

  6. hmmm, let me think. Area: so so to not too good. Price for one bedroom: $770/sqft. HOA: $500 for not much amenities… I don’t know…. but doesn’t sound like a good deal to me! For $770/sqft, you can buy something nice in Mission Bay without homeless hanging about your building.

  7. I often walk this stretch of Van Ness and never see homeless people. By all means, buy in Mission Bay and wait 10 years for the Central subway to be complete–and even then, it will take you to Union Square, but not to the Financial District. Also, this is practically Hayes Valley, with a great view of City Hall.

  8. serinity now: it may not be literally above the station but it’s less than 100 yards from this building to Van Ness Muni, which counts in my book as pretty darned convenient.

  9. Nice to see a two bedroom plan in a mid-priced building that separates the two bedrooms with living space! I’m blown away by all the “luxury” two bedroom floor plans that have the two bedrooms sharing a common wall.
    Agree with viewlover, the corner one bedroom is the winner.

  10. I was there this past weekend and they were packed. I really like the homes. I ran into an old friend and we hopped to Blue Bottle. A Nice Home + Blue Bottle = forever bliss.

  11. I tried to make an offer at 77 Van Ness and they laughed me out of the building. said they were getting full price offers and no negotiation. this was a few weeks ago. anybody know what the story is now?

  12. I dunno. Using my admittedly weak magic 8 ball, I don’t see anything reporting as sold in the building. I suspect they are just sticking with typical Polaris group sales approach. (Economic downturn? What economic downturn?) If you are interested in that building, I’d say just hold on till the October-December time frame.

  13. Maybe the people at 77 Van Ness should check out the posting here regarding the foreclosure crisis. Looks like they may shortly be competing against REOs…

  14. @JD–
    ill be making an offer soon. my agent tells me that the sales staff is not gonna budge on the ’10’ stack but the other stacks are negotiable. i am still figuring out the price i should offer for a 5,6, or 10 stack. im paying all cash so i still believe i have some negotiation power. if your tired of talking to the Polaris staff, talk to Jennifer. Shes the best salesperson out of all of them! but i say no rush, move-ins wont beging for another 45-60 days.

  15. I like the Infinity but I LOVE these units. Location is very slick and the building has the modern | urban | cool NY vibe to it. Much better than the units at the Mint.
    How did Polaris (Not a fan) get all these new developments over The Mark Company? Is Mark turning them down? Use to be every new building was represented by them. PMA looks like it’s losing ground also.

  16. I bought a unit at 77 Van Ness few weeks ago.
    It is true that they tunred down any offers that are less than listing price but I don’t know how they are doing with price now.
    What I DO know is that they are very close to selling more than 51% of units.
    I am very happy about this purchase…
    This place offers great view, nice layout(no waste of space at all), convenient location(close to hayes valley and public transportation) and many more. I was worried about noise level from Van Ness but window and air gap between walls seal noise completely and unique in-unit ventilation system circulates air in and out.
    Thank you so much about many nice comments about my future home.
    P.S Ryan,what is the meaning of 5,6, or 10 stack?
    Hope everything works out for you..
    who knows?? we might become neighbors..

  17. thanks for the info wonder. can you tell us which unit/floor you bought? I was thinking of 505 or 605, but list price seems ridiculous given the overall market.

  18. Hey-Congratulations everyone on your new homes!
    Glad to hear they are seeing reason around negotiating. That being said, I do think the building is already the best deal of anything I saw when I was down there looking. I am assuming the 10 stack are those with the view of City Hall.

  19. curious,
    It’s 708/7th floor (2b/2b) with windows facing north with city hall view. My bedroom window faces south.According to JD’s explanation, my unit will be considered as 10 stack??? (Thanks, JD)
    When we were there for the first time in the beginning of June, 8th floor pent house right above my unit already received more than 1 offer.
    I have compared $/sqft with other similar condominiums in SOMA,civic center/van ness, Hayes Valley,..etc and concluded 77 van ness is the best choice for me.
    505/605 is 1 bedroom unit with window facing market street..right? Buying a house really puts you on an emotional roller coaster. Hope you find the best home for yourself.

  20. @wonder–
    05,06,10 stacks just mean the floorplans for those respective numbers on each floor. 10 stack is the only corner 1 bedroom facing city hall. (basically, the one you see in all those pics). wow, i cant believe u got 708, that is one of the priciest 2 bedrooms! ur so lucky! may i ask were u able to get a good deal even though they dont budge much? years worth of HOAs for free maybe?
    also did they inform u yet when the official date for move-ins begin?
    when are u planning to make your offer? i wish u luck!

  21. My partner and I are still in the wait and see mode. We are looking for a vacation (now)/retirement(not soon enough) place in SF. We are going to hold off until we are convinced that the bottom is truly nigh… 🙂

  22. I’m moving to SF in a few months and was at 77 this last weekend. I’ve done a lot of research via the web and saw about 9 properties this weekend and 77 is on the top of my list.
    I’m interested in the 09 stack, and for the price it was the nicest thing I saw that included parking. My impression was that some negotiation was possible – which was the story at all of the new developments I visited. I do agree with Ryan that Jennifer is the best sales person.
    Seems like a great location, but this is the first I’m hearing about the homeless situation. One of my friends who lives in the city said that there are plans to clean up some areas of Market – any info?

  23. I’d actually recommend renting until you are more familiar with SF. There has already been enormous strides made in the Hayes Valley area, but for as long as I can remember there have been plans to clean up Market. I agree that 77 Van Ness seems like a good deal, though.

  24. Roswell – One of my standard pieces of advice before placing an offer on any property is to case out the neighborhood first.
    Go there several times :
    – during the weekday morning rush
    – midday
    – weekday evening
    – Fri or Sat evening (til the bars close if possible)
    – Saturday morning
    That should expose you to enough phases of the day/week to understand the hood. From this I’ve discovered a potential next-door neighbor who runs a loud metal fab workshop during the weekdays, a day care center that I didn’t knew existed (also next-door), a garage band, and a gangsta hangout.
    Of course you might miss less frequent stuff like ballgame crowds but at least you would have covered most of the potential annoyances.
    Its all part of your due diligence prior to making a large investment.
    Open houses are normally held on Sunday afternoon which is universally one of the quietest times of the week and shows the property in favorable light.

  25. Rosewell,
    My hubby and I have been looking for houses for the last 6 months and ended up buying 08 stack at 77 Van Ness.
    I totally agree with advice by “The Milkshake of Despair”. We have been to the property many times..once on Sat. night after midnight, on Sunday morning, middle of weekdays….etc.
    There was no homeless people around building and I found out that there is a lot more homeless people in financial district area in which where we are renting right now.
    We even did noise test by me staying inside of unit and my husband knocking the wall from outside. I could hear nothing. (I know..we are a bit detailed but considering how much money is involved, nothing can be tolerated)
    I was there with friends around lunch time yesterday. Getting out of Van Ness muni station, I saw some guys hanging out at market & Van ness but didn’t know for sure if they are homeless because they didn’t have shopping carts full of stuffs. But when we were at the 77 Van Ness, there was no strange guys hanging out at all.
    In San Francisco, atmosphere is very different block by block.
    The city almost finished Van Ness greening project(Putting trees in the middle section of Van Ness st.). I hear that there will be new condominiums in Market& 11 and in an outdoor public parking space behind 77 Van Ness building. In this economy, nobody knows when those condominiums will be up but I sense that the area will be fully clened up eventually and hopefully in near future.
    77 Van Ness is only 2 blocks away from Hayes street(shops, restaurants…etc) and there is farmers market in city hall area every wed. and sun. I am going to San Jose this weekends by carpooling with other friends. We are all meeting in front of 77 Van Ness because 101 highway is right there…
    I try to give you as much info as possible because buying a house is very difficult especially if you are from different city.
    Hope it helps.. please let me know if you have any othere questions or concerns…

  26. The Van Ness BRT should be beginning construction in 2011 and be done a year or two later. This should be a big win for this area, though there will be some inconvenience from the construction.

  27. Thanks for all the info, I do appreciate it.
    Having lived in Boston I am expecting some noise. My friends and I visited on Friday (closed), Saturday and Sunday and I thought the noise was tolerable (and the Z vents should help.)
    One of my friends insisted that I look at Hayes Valley and I said I wanted to look at this condo first; everyone was pleasantly surprised at the close proximity of 77 Van Ness.

  28. The smell near Market and Van Ness makes TJ smell like heaven. Outside of the loin, this is one of the worst corners in SF in terms and homeless, smells, and odd looking folks. I have no idea how some of you folks can say that you’ve been there and don’t see homeless near this building. That is ALL you see on the street near there (the non-homeless getting off the 47/49 and making a bee line to the subway or to work appear just as a blur).

  29. Looked at all the floor plans yesterday. Very nice and spacious for the price. Each of you who said you haven’t seen homeless people in the area are greatly mistaken. It is a cesspool around there. The hope is it will be cleaned up….I think there is a great chance of that happening if we have new bodies at City Hall. I think buying into the building could be a good bet.

  30. Going to go take another look at these next week. Just curious for those who have bought there, what your experience has been like so far…

  31. My partner & I were in “sit & let’s see what happens mode” too! Boy, were we sad that we missed out on “our” #408. We hope it falls out of contract (I know, evil). Going back this weekend to see if there is another we can call “our home”. I do agree with the Posters here – nice floor plans & construction, great location minus the homeless, we really like the sales office – Jennifer is darling & very helpful, love the fact that the units are built as is – no headaches of upgrades. If there is nothing for us here, we will probably buy at The Radiance. We’ll post our thoughts there next…

  32. Have you walked around this place? The street people are gross, trash everywhere, loud traffic noise. There are so many better areas in SF.

  33. @W&K,
    #408 was the last unit left among 8stack and listed in MLS until last week. Looks like it finally got sold few days ago. So sorry you missed it. Hope you find your dream home..
    What street people are you reffering to? Are you talking about few homeless people hanging around public parking spot on page st. and Van Ness muni station?
    I live in a area which is known to be far better areas in SF but do you know how many homeless/gross people are around this area? They are everywhere..on the way to ferry building, in the park, in front of bars, restaurants, McDonald..etc, you name it.
    Or did you mean to say that those people waiting for the bus 47 and 49 at Van ness & Oak are gross? They are just ordinary people who commute everyday trying to make living for them and their family. Some of them might make less income than you do but they are not gross.
    I walk around this place and area all the time day and night(I am a buyer). I sometimes take people like you who have a bad impression of this area. They are alway pleasantly surprised with two things that this place is far better than they thought and so close to Hayes St. only two blocks.
    With #408 sold, 77 Van ness sold more than 70% in 3 months. Now compare that number with any new condominium building in better areas(in your opinion)SF.

  34. Much prefer this place as well to many of the other condo projects in SF (that i have seen of course). Loved the 8 stack and the 10 stack (1br).. nicest 1 br Ive seen actually. Are all the 10 stack gone as well?

  35. @mac~
    I got a 8 stack. Thanks for your comment.
    I agree with you that 10 stack is the nicest.
    You might want to talk to Sales Office about 10stack but I doubt there is any left.
    Good Luck!!!

  36. Greg Wilson — how do you think Market/Van Ness compares to 16th-18th on Mission? (or is it 15th-17th? people similarly run through that area, just like the people taking the 47/49)

  37. Another benefit is the close proximity to Davies Symphony Hall and the SF Opera. The fact that the units have sold so quickly must say something about the popularity of the building and the area.

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