77 Van Ness (www.SocketSite.com)
While the façade isn’t quite finished the scaffolding is down from around 77 Van Ness. Once again, it’s 56 potential condos and 21,000 square feet of commercial/retail for lease, but considering the fate of Argenta and Artani perhaps 56 new rental units instead.
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7 thoughts on “The Unfinished Façade Of 77 Van Ness (And Its 56 Residential Units)”
  1. This building came out well. I like how it echoes elements of the old Masonic building next door. I am not advocating all new buildings look like it, but it is appropriate and distinctive.

  2. For what it is, this is a remarkably good looking building. I especially like the tall ground floor and cornice-windows which I’m guessing encloses a roof deck. It yields a strong base and lighter top. I bet this is one commission Heller Manus didn’t get (:

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