The sister project to San Francisco’s adopted Eastern Neighborhoods Plan, the Western SoMa Community Plan has been in the works since 2004 when East and West were split and the Western SoMa Citizens Planning Task Force was established.

The proposed Plan area is irregularly shaped and consists of two connected areas: one generally referred to as “north of Harrison Street,” roughly bounded by 13th Street to the east, Bryant Street to the south, Seventh Street to the west, and Minna Street…to the north, and the second area, generally referred to as “south of Harrison Street,” roughly bounded by Townsend Street to the south, Fourth Street to the east, Harrison Street to the north and Seventh Street to the west.

In general, the goal of the Draft Plan is to maintain the mixed-use character of the proposed Plan area and preserve existing housing, while encouraging new residential and resident-serving uses (including affordable housing) within the proposed Residential Enclave Districts north of Harrison Street and targeting larger parcels south of Harrison Street for local- and region-serving, primarily commercial uses (such as office and technology-based uses) and large-scale (over 25,000 square feet) commercial developments.

The second component of the proposed project is the rezoning of approximately 47 parcels proximate to the proposed Plan boundary (generally bounded by Seventh Street, Ninth Street, Mission Street and Minna Street) in order to reconcile their use districts and height and bulk districts with those of the neighboring properties.

Western SoMa Plan Proposed Proximate Rezoning

The existing designations of these parcels are Heavy Commercial (CM) and Service/Light Industrial/Residential (SLR). As part of this project, parcels would be rezoned as Downtown General Commercial (C-3-G) along the south side of Mission Street, between 10th and the west side of 9th Streets; and rezoned as Eastern Neighborhoods Mixed Use Office (MUO) along the south side of Mission Street, between Ninth and the west side of Seventh Streets. No changes to the existing height or bulk districts are proposed as part of this process.

The third component of the proposed project is a privately funded mixed-use residential, commercial, and light industrial/artist development proposed at 350 8th Street, within the proposed Plan area.

350 8th Street Plan

The site is occupied by a large paved lot and three small, single-story administration and maintenance structures, which would be demolished to accommodate the proposed 634,000-square-foot mixed-use development.

The proposed 350 8th Street development would yield 430 dwelling units, 50,000 square feet of commercial/retail, 9,840 square feet of light industrial, 43,200 square feet of open space, and underground parking for around 400 vehicles.