Examiner Real Estate Guide: 8/23/09
The SocketSite cross-industry scoop last week:

You probably won’t read about it in the Chronicle, but the scoop according to a plugged-in source is that the San Francisco Examiner is a week away from announcing the free publication of weekend open house ads through a deal with the San Francisco Association of Realtor’s new site.

Look for a test run and official announcement next week (or perhaps now a bit earlier). And expect a quick response from the Chronicle which counts on its weekend real estate section and related advertising for a significant share of its revenue.

The test run ran this past weekend.
Scoop: Examiner’s Move To Corner Weekend Open House Readership [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Dave

    Lovely. More unwanted “free” crap to clean up off the front sidewalk (and lie abandoned and water-soaked in front of many buildings.)
    I wish the Examiner would give up and call it quits.

  2. Posted by fred

    That featured home of 21 Castenada was asking 3 million awhile ago, now 2.2 M and a new broker.

  3. Posted by Sonya

    The Examiner is thrilled to be able to support the real estate community in this way-with

  4. Posted by j wong

    Thanks for more easy open house inf.

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