Temporary Transbay Terminal Contruction Cam: 8/20/09
While a couple of plugged-in readers provided us with Temporary Transbay Terminal close-ups of its palms arriving and being planted, another points to the construction cam.
And with respect to the recurring question of when that overpass will be demolished, if we’re interpreting the timeline correctly the east loop should be down by April 2010.
Washingtonia Robusta Now Arriving At Howard And Main [SocketSite]
Transbay Temporary Terminal: Construction Cam []

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by jamie

    Hopefully, my dream of seeing that east end of the Transbay Terminal overpass will be realized by January … but that’s just speculation. My understanding is that they will start operations at the Temporary Terminal in October-ish and then turn their eyes to that NW corner to demolish the overpass. I’ll be drinking some bubbly when it comes down, fo ‘sho …

  2. Posted by InfinityJohn

    I’ve heard the same as Jamie. Having been to a few of the TBJPA meetings, all indications were that as soon as the new temporary terminal is up, they will begin tearing down the ramp. It will be nice to see it go. I’ve been impressed by their ability to stick to their construction schedule. Everything seems to be on track to what they presented over 1 1/2years ago.

  3. Posted by 1234

    I was a meeting last week where the plan for the whole terminal was presented by a TBJPA member. The plan I heard was:
    Temp terminal except the overpass to finish in October
    Greyhound to move to temp terminal in December
    AC transit and WestCat and maybe golden gate move to temp terminal in February.
    Off ramp taken down and final part of temp terminal finish in March/April
    Sam Trans, muni and golden gate (if not already moved) move.
    Demolition of existing terminal starts the next day.

  4. They seem to be working to some pretty tight schedules there. It would be nice if they were on the money with all of there proposed jobs. Having a great deal of experience in the construction business things generally run over a little.

  5. Posted by BayAreaBum

    Sadly, it does not look like they are sticking to their schedule. The website used to say phase I of the temp term would open in August 2009…now it is fall 2009 (and alas Aug. counts as summer – even in sunny SF)

  6. Posted by amused_in_soma

    Will the temporary terminal have dedicated access to the bridge? If not, does anyone know how they expect to handle the extra traffic on the surrounding streets?

  7. Posted by EH

    You people are crazy, I’m still hoping for the skyway to come back.

  8. Posted by anona

    ^Living in the past is fun, eh EH?!?! Darn these young whippersnappers wanting everything to change! Things were so much better in my day!

  9. Posted by anon

    yeah, they are something like five months behind schedule. They were originally supposed to be fully operational in Oct but now it is likely pushed to March. Still, a lot of progress is being made each day.
    But the real burning question is how much of a cluster**** will there be once Folsom becomes a two-way street and all the buses are running from the temporary terminal.

  10. Posted by jamie

    Last I asked, private cars will be allowed to go westbound on Folsom Street up until Fremont while buses will continue westbound up to Essex to turn left and get onto the Bay Bridge to take folks to the East Bay. I think you can write or something like that to request the latest traffic map around the terminal. There are some other traffic changes, but that’s the biggest change in traffic flow.

  11. Posted by eastbaymike

    “You people are crazy, I’m still hoping for the skyway to come back.”
    I too miss the Embarcadero Freeway. Great fun to drive on. I always thought it ironic that everyone wanted to tear it down because it blocked views when the best views were from the upper deck of the freeway!

  12. Posted by Delancey

    The view from the embarcadero sidewalk is just fine, aside from the commercial encroachments between the road and the water.

  13. Posted by eastbaymike

    “…aside from the commercial encroachments between the road and the water.”
    Exactly, all those buildings get in the way of the view. On the freeway, you were above them with a clear view of the bay and the bridge. Also, I am mixing two points. The Embarcadero was a lot of fun to drive on. Personal preference, not trying to pick a fight. I just think freeways, roadways, and all other forms of transportation should be more then just a means to an end.
    I’m a NEPA/CEQA professional and have spent my career doing environmental documentation for passenger rail, roadway (including freeways), public transit, and water tranportation projects. I’m neither pro-development nor a tree-hugger.

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