391-397 Carl (www.SocketSite.com)
One of four new construction condos completed in March and asking $1,395,000 at the time, the listing for 393 Carl was withdrawn from the MLS in May. Back on the market in August with a new broker and now asking $1,295,000.
And before said construction by way of MapJack.com:
391-397 Carl Before (Image Source: MapJack.com)
∙ Listing: 393 Carl (2/2) – $1,295,000 [MLS] [March Photos]

30 thoughts on “393 Carl: One Of Four New Construction Condos After And Before”
  1. Mmmm….Nothing says “Million Dollar House” like the sound of the N-Judah braking in front of your condo every 8 minutes (both directions).

  2. Over time, it will probably shake that cheap-ass, artificial limb colored stucco paint-on coating right off. I mean, what is so hard about doing things with even a modicum of taste? Mind boggling.

  3. I used to take the N-Judah from its terminus at Great Highway to work downtown everyday (both directions). That was horrific.

  4. If I lived there, I’d start lobbying Muni to get rid of the completely useless stop at Hillway or Hill Point or whatever.
    If the N were running straight through, it would just rumble a little, and you can get used to that. It’s the braking that’s the real problem.
    Also: no natural light. Overpriced.

  5. $1.2M is not even close to affordable for a doctor making ~$200/year (especially a freshly-minted one sitting on a rack of loans). Maybe a husband-wife doctor couple. So long as they don’t have kids.

  6. I posted this before, but only 23% of doctors marry other doctors.
    $1.3M is out of most doctor’s league.
    A resident makes like $50k/year.
    A full fledged primary care doc makes $100-200k/year.
    don’t even get me started on researchers
    those salaries aren’t going to support a $1.3M home.
    A subspecialist might be able to afford $1.3M, but not sure they would want to live here.
    That said, some of the doctors are independently wealthy from some other means, so perhaps they could afford this
    it’s also perfect location in terms of UCSF. just a quick 1 block walk and an elevator ride to the campus.
    I’m happy they built these. better than what was there before.
    plus, it’s not like many of the places around there look that much better than this place.
    Muni is very loud.
    On a completely side note of more importance to me:
    They are planting trees like crazy throughout innser sunset. also by Cole/Carl. it’s going to look soooo nice when they grow in!!!!
    (you can see some of the trees in the pics above)
    More please!

  7. Eric– Muni consolidated 2 useless stops, at Willard and Hillway, into 1 useless stop, somewhere around Hill Point (i.e. in the middle of the block).
    Westbound N streetcars stop right in front of this building.
    That’s another reason why Muni needs a systematic stop consolidation process.

  8. No, I’m sorry, but the Hillway stop was discontinued. The shelter was removed, there is no longer a stop there. I checked Street View and there are no poles with yellow stop indicators, either. I have no explanation for why the Transit overlay on Google Maps still shows the stop, but a perusal of street view shows *no stop*.

  9. Eric – there is still a stripe on the street where the N stops, and trust me, it still stops there, as I use the stop every day. (It is worthless though, I wouldn’t mind walking a block and having the stop eliminated)

  10. totally agree with the dr. salary comments.
    the majority of physicians living in SF cannot afford a $1.2M condo and if the could, they’d probably be smarter than to buy a $1.2M condo when you can rent a 2bd/2ba in that area for $2500/mo
    not only do the average primary care docs make less than $200K, most specialists who are not procudere driven make less than $250K. So only surgeons, radiologists and procedures driven docs (think gastroenterologist) make enough to cover the mortgage on a $1.2M condo.

  11. To add to the mix, there are unsold condos to the right of it. Maybe more annoying than the noise of the N would be the commuters who stand in your garage to get out of the wind and leave their butts all over. Watching them build it, I’m guessing a huge portion of the cost went into the concrete and rebar to keep the hill back.

  12. Theo – thanks, I really thought I was going crazy. They did eliminate the Hillway stop but I’d not noticed it was merged with another further down the block.
    Checking Street View I see the stop now, as you say, right in front of this building and I see the painted over stop indicator at Willard.
    Slightly back on topic, I always thought this was housing built by UCSF for students, but then it’s not as institutional a design as what they built at 3rd and Irving.

  13. stucco-sux, you ask: “what is so hard about doing things with even a modicum of taste?”
    What about a modicum of creativity, vision or just plain design skill?
    These cheap-ass beige stucco cookie-cutter condos with bay windows slapped on ’em is exactly what SF does not need more of.
    What SF does need to do, is look at Amsterdam or Copenhagen (or Spain, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Japan or even friggin LA) to see some awe-inspiring contemporary multi-family design.

  14. What? No one commented on the other factors that make these prime 1.2MM condos?
    * shared outdoor space – none – just a hill with a retaining wall behind it
    * Lack of natural light. Windows face north. The only time that section of the street sees any light on those windows is mid-day
    * No view – (but a nice view of the housing dev. across the street)
    * As mentioned before – Equivalent places in cole valley are renting for ~2500/mo.
    Good luck with this one.

  15. Re: noise from the N Judah – any information regarding steps taken by builder to sound-proof as much as possible?
    One of the units was sold to someone who is a recruiter and quite frankly, I don’t think they make that much. Also, while primary care docs may not be able to afford the price point based on their base salaries, we forget that those same doctors salaries are supplemented significantly by grants and administrative fees paid to them by the hospital.
    I think the units are nice and the area is lovely.

  16. “while primary care docs may not be able to afford the price point based on their base salaries, we forget that those same doctors salaries are supplemented significantly by grants and administrative fees paid to them by the hospital.”
    Unfortunately for the salespeople for these, not true — physician salary at UCSF may indeed be based on effort spent on clinical work, grant funded research and admin work (if the latter is compensated at all; often it is not). However, salary from a grant or from an admin task *replaces* a percent of clinical effort, and is not added on top. The NIH, in fact, caps the total amount of salary one can receive.
    Outside legal and consulting work can add to that base salary significantly, but is discouraged as it takes time away from the primary missions of the University. However, individual physicians may perform a great deal of outside work. Some (few) may effectively double their salary, but this is not usual.
    So yes, in fact, typical total faculty takehome salaries for non-surgeons/non-procedural specialists are in the low to mid $100K range through the early to midcareer for a UC academic physician. This certainly can be below the 10th percentile of salary in most specialties, and effectively prices many out of the home market, especially if they carry six figure educational loans.
    Since UC physicians are state employees, their salaries are a matter of public record — check your library if you need to know more.

  17. The listing for 393 Carl was withdrawn from the MLS after 145 days on the market without a sale. Last asking $1,295,000 and advertising “seller financing w/low down.”

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