Proposed United Nations Global Compact Center
Speaking of the redevelopment of Hunters Point, from the Business Times:

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom wants to put a United Nations center focused on global warming at Hunters Point Shipyard…The proposed center, called the United Nations Global Compact Center, would cost about $16 million to $20 million.

If we build it will the world come?
Can You Say San Francisco Earthquakes? [SocketSite]
S.F. Mayor proposes UN center at Hunters Point [Business Times]

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  1. Posted by WTF

    how ironic – put a global warming center in the most automobile-dependent, poorly conceived redevelopment in the most distant far reaches of the county.

  2. Posted by James

    How about “rehabilitating” one of the existing buildings?
    To be honest, Hunter’s point should be developed at this point. The city should put a huge fence around it and wait 15-20 years for demand to pick up in that area. The density of public housing doesn’t help – it needs to be spread out all over the place. There have been countless studies showing that the density of public housing is correlated w/ blight and crime.
    The projects near the ballpark are great! People don’t even know that they are public housing because it’s 100 units out of 1000. I hope SF can do more of that…

  3. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    So who is driving this project ? The UN or the city of SF ? This is just a pipe dream unless the UN is driving the creation of the Global Compact Center and SF is stepping in simply to offer a site and a proposed design.
    And an ironic site Hunter’s Point is too being instrumental in the cold war’s nuclear arms race.

  4. Posted by Wai Yip Tung

    I don’t know how serious is this idea. At least it seems more realistic than the peace center on Alcatraz proposal.

    What’s up with you folks? This is the first idea on Hunters point that I find inspiring. Much better than any ballpark or office park proposal. If UN don’t know the need a Global Compact Center yet it does not stop SF from telling them so 🙂 I see this can be a focal point of the forsaken land and a key engine for development.

    I think Gavin did a good job in landing the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine. But this could be a much bigger opportunity for SF than the 50 people office.

  5. Posted by Wai Yip Tung

    Just searched the Internet. This Global Compact thing is real.

    UN Global Compact Board

  6. Posted by MB

    how ironic #1 put a global warming center in the most automobile-dependent, poorly conceived redevelopment in the most distant far reaches of the county.
    how ironic #2 put a global warming center in the place most likely to flood due to global warming.

  7. Posted by bornnraised

    If we build it, they will come..
    to tag and vandalize it.

  8. Posted by Snark17

    Gavin has been a do-nothing mayor for at least 5 years. Sounds like he needs a couple of ambitious-sounding proposals to use in his governor campaign. Good luck with that.

  9. Posted by obro

    What the hell has Gavin Newsome done lately? Seriously. The guy needs to make thde headlines pretty soon for doing something or I’m going to go with Brown for governer. Or Sarah Palin it and anoint Daly mayor and focus on his campaign full time.

  10. Posted by Snark17

    Actually I think the Business Times misspoke… Hunters Point will be the new UN Global TRASH Compact[ing] Center.

  11. Posted by J

    Why isn’t anyone questioning how those herion addicts and gang-bangers got to where they are in the 1st place?
    Growing up in a bad neighborhood…

  12. Posted by Robert

    Why isn’t anyone questioning how those herion addicts and gang-bangers got to where they are in the 1st place?
    Well, I think Rockefeller donated the land, and then they branched out from there.

  13. Posted by Chad

    It was a former “Butcher Town”… it’s all starting to make sense now.
    Perhaps the rural residents graduated from cutting up animals to cutting up people ?

  14. Posted by anon

    More like money burning project.

  15. Posted by ST 3000

    This will add a lot of international prestige for SF. I like it. It’s a good start to the futuristic version of SF based in Star Trek.
    Anyone agree?

  16. Posted by Kathleen

    SF has United Nations roots in the Herbst Theatre.

  17. Posted by invented

    It belongs in any of these possible locations:
    1. Presidio
    2. Treasure Island
    3. Civic Center
    4. Port

  18. Posted by cazzuno

    no way that a new 80,000sf bldg in one of the most hazardous soils in country only cost 16-20 million…

  19. Posted by citicritter

    and why would this UN center be such hideously bad design?

  20. Posted by jeff nolan

    LOL, like the UN could build anything for $20 million… they would spend $200m that anyone else could build for $20m

  21. Posted by Mizz

    Two great tastes that taste great together – Gavin and the UN.
    As they say, two wrongs don’t make a right.

  22. Posted by Francisco Da Costa

    Hunters Point is a Superfund Site that should be cleaned up. Over two million tons of toxic soil mostly radiological in nature should be removed. Depleted Uranium was first tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. The idea is to cap the land and build this U.N. Global Compact Center that is NOT directly linked with the United Nations. Private companies belonging to the dubious compact report the the General Assembly. Mayor Gavin Newsom in the past promised to build an Olympic site at Hunters Point and failed. Tried to bring the 49ers a foot ball team and failed. Now, he want this dubious U.N. Global Compact that has hundreds of law suits filed against it all over the world. Gavin Power from the U.N. Global Compact and Gavin Newsom the Mayor of San Francisco – make good bedfellows.

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