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As an observant reader noted earlier this week, the sale of the rather infamous (mostly for being foreclosed upon) 2510 Jackson has closed escrow.
While our reader reports an $11.5 million sale price, however, according to a plugged-in source it wasn’t quite but rather close (it’s actually an asterisked “confidential” sales price that’s reported on the MLS). Regardless, it represents the highest priced San Francisco sale in 2009.
Tax records would suggest an original purchase price of around $9,500,000 in the year 2000 before its sale back to the bank in April of 2008 (asking $14,900,000 soon thereafter).
Also according to our source, it’s a local family that purchased the house.
Fortunes Can Be Fleeting (And Mansions Can Be Foreclosed Upon) [SocketSite]

9 thoughts on “2510 Jackson: Foreclosure Sale Tops The Market In Pacific Heights”
  1. What would be the property tax on something like this ?
    I am guessing it would be more than the salary of 3 waiters /waitresses combined ?

  2. Chad, you don’t have to guess…it’s 1.163% of the purchase price – at 11.5 mill that’s $133,000 per year.

  3. @curmudgeon
    Thanks for the math. That’s a LOT of money. In some parts of the country, you can buy a house cash down outright with that Ppty tax !

  4. i tried to write a story about this place months ago. the realtor was very suspicious and protective of her client(s).

  5. The seller was BoA (via Robbie). A mystery prospective buyer had been circling for a very long time.
    One wonders if Hayden might have gotten the place back…

  6. I think the easiest way to find out the final price would be go on to SF assessor site in the fall and see how much the real estate tax is. Then work your way backwards. Not sure why buyers want to keep purchasing price confidential. It’s public record. People will find out sooner or later.

  7. 2510 Jackson was owned by the Diocese of California
    from ??? until about 1970. From 1958-1967 BIshop
    James Pike lived there.

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