245 5th Street #304
We’re digging the high windows, high-end finishes (including the “sly” fireplace surround), and staircase within the true conversion Tehama Lofts #304 (245 5th Street). Now if only there were a few more windows on that main living level, then boom-shaka-laka-laka…
∙ Listing: 245 5th Street #304 (2/1) – $1,095,000 [Paragon] [MLS]

14 thoughts on “Tehama Lofts #304 Takes You Higher (Boom-Shaka-Laka-Laka)”
  1. My recollection is that when these were converted in the early 1990s raw shells of units like this were sold in the $200s and it was possible to buy two together and combine them. Even with an over the top build out the current prices represent roughly triple the cost fifteen years ago. The area has changed since then, but these prices still seem unrealistically elevated.

  2. Wow… I do NOT understand the staging of this unit. The furniture and decor looks like it should be in someone’s pseudo new mexican home on the peninsula rather than an “architect-designed” loft in SOMA.

  3. Ugh. Agree about the staging, but the unit looks nice, if a little pricey.
    Do you think it would be easy to add a half bath? And another bedroom?

  4. although I’m not usually a loft person, this loft is quite nice. I like others better, but this is a very good property.
    the staircase is very cool, fireplace is awesome. bathroom seems nice. I like the wood ceiling as well. I dislike the kitchen but it is quite functional.
    I’m surprised this place is 1600 sq ft… somehow (at least in the pictures) this place is lacking the “open” feel I expected.
    It may be due to the large bedroom and large bathroom?
    regardless, a cool pad.

  5. Cool place. I think that’s just bad interior design, not staging. With the pricey Mint Lofts nearby and 5th street improving, not a bad price.

  6. Wow 1600 SQ FT! Nice! And for a loft to have forced air Heat…that comes in handy. I’m liking the Kitchen too, and the wood floors and cement. This is a TRUE Loft like NY! Can anyone not imagine their own furniture/decor? I don’t see where it says selling furnished.

  7. “A double-wide toilet! Cool!”
    Which is truly friggin weird. And the TP roll seems to be out of reach.
    All due to overzealous photo manipulation. I can understand the use of the distortion correction tools to “straighten” the effects of a wide angle lens. But this goes too far, making the room look larger than it really is.
    That’s unnecessarily deceptive and should be discouraged by SFAR. A new category of photoCrime : gratuitous space expansion.
    By the way, I noticed that the “Fall” house (sorry, can’t find link) has a photo of the facade stretched horizontally almost 20%. What was the purpose of that ?

  8. Wow, someone really wants their $1.095M. Anyone have insight into what their loan amounts are? Did they spend money renovating this place after buying for $625K in 2004 or do a cash-out?

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