830 El Camino Del Mar

As a plugged-in reader notes, the asking price for 830 El Camino Del Mar has been reduced for the third time since being listed (for the twelfth time) two months ago.

Now asking $11,500,000. That’s $3,500,000 (23%) under the expectations of early 2009 and $6,500,000 (36%) under those in the middle of 2008, but remains $2,500,000 (28%) over the asking in 2002.

14 thoughts on “830 El Camino Del Mar Moves Away From 2008 And Closer To 2002”
  1. “but still $2,500,000 (28%) more than was being sought in 2002.”
    Can’t be too greedy can we?
    It’s a great property but it’s so stratospheric that it won’t generate the urgency needed to sell it at fair value (IMO).

  2. Looks like a great vantage point to watch your Chinese shipping empire pass by…
    But when it falls into the ocean during the next quake the fung shui will prove to have been poor.

  3. Snark17,
    I asked that earlier and am interested…is anyone else worried about the geological stability of this place?
    Particularly in Earthquake city?

  4. This rock has been here for thousands of years. (Stamps Foot, TWICE, for emphasis.) It isn’t going anywhere.

  5. If you’re going to worry about losing property due to an earthquake, be concerned about fires rather than falling into the ocean.
    This property seems to well isolated from earthquake induced fires, especially compared to the density of the rest of the city.

  6. If it sells for $11.5M that will be a seismic shift. And about as likely as the next big one happening tomorrow.

  7. If it comes with an eight track deck and a full collection of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, I might consider it as a secondary headquarters for KAOS.

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