1037 Church Street
It’s another turn of the century San Francisco mansion (this time the “Hulse”) that’s been renovated and modernized but manages to maintain a bit of its period flair.
1037 Church Entry
Purchased for $1,553,500 in January of 2003 but with some remodeling (new master bath) and renovation (new kitchen) since. Floor plans online.
∙ Listing: 1037 Church (5/4) 5,852 sqft – $2,895,000 [1037church.com] [MLS]

35 thoughts on “Mo’ Mansions On A Monday Morn: 1037 Church Street (The “Hulse”)”
  1. This is a mostly very nice job, I really appreciate the update-while-maintaining-flair-thing. A lot nicer than gutting it to make it all Dwell inside, even if some of those colors – and that bathtub- aren’t really my thing.
    But… 2.8M seems kind of high, even though it is so big?

  2. It’s on Church, a fairly busy street, with the J Muni rolling by in front. Looks like there’s alley access in back, anyone know if the backyard is usable?

  3. Call me crazy but I really like this place.
    I think I’m going to take a serious look at it.
    It’s fairly close to mass transit, big & spacious, yet charming. Everything I want. 🙂

  4. Oh and, I love that staircase very much.
    Jessep, if it fits your needs and budget, why not? If you bought it, you’d have a beautiful house!

  5. Hey JesseP,
    I’m friends with the listing agent (think: no real advantage other than probably getting to see it pretty easily at your convenience), and I did that little bit of research for you (think: if you’re quite serious and you don’t already have a realtor, why not hire the guy who has already gone out of his way for you?).
    There you have it folks. My first ever actual shill on here!

  6. lol @ hipster 😉
    Thanks, I appreciate it.
    I like my area, it’s not for everyone, but it fits me well. 🙂

  7. I usually can’t stand this sort of old fuddy duddy architecture – but I actually like this place. Neat place.

  8. This is a beautiful house nicely located near 24th St. Church really isn’t that busy along this stretch and the J rolling by is hardly a big issue (I mean really this is the City not the countryside). I don’t know how many people are looking to pay $2.85MM for a house these days, but if you are this would be well worth looking at.

  9. Did anyone actually see it?
    It seems like it’s 1.5 lots and fully detached and away from property line, so I can’t see how they got this square footage. If it’s that big the price might work.
    Interestingly enough I saw the house next door (a bit smaller version) 5 years ago and PropertyShark claims the owner of 1037 was the previous owner of that one and just moved next door. If that’s the case I think the previous sale of 1037 was off the market

  10. Jessep, you should snap it up 🙂 Then have a party and invite all the SocketSiters over.
    The backyard is very usable, there is a nice patio and a flat lawn. The office space in the basement wasn’t open, but it looked very spacious. The in-law was just so-so, but that’s a very minor quibble.
    I agree with NoeNeighbor, this is a very nice stretch of Church. I live a couple of blocks away, and it’s a great location for walking to the Mission, Dolores Park, BART, etc.
    The 2003 price seems so cheap!

  11. What’s so surprising to me is that ORH goes for 1000 psf while this place is like 400 psf.
    Are buyer’s agents relying on people just to come to SF and throw down millions of dollars without doing serious research?
    this is so confusing to me. huge asymmmetries.
    This is house could be twice the price and still (IMO) be a bargain relative to ORH.

  12. Just looked at the assessor’s map; the lot is 39′ wide by 125′ deep with no alley access. Take a look at the overhead map and you can see that the structure has been added onto quite a bit out back.

  13. Very nice house, a proper home. You have to like the neighborhood, since for the same price you csn have the famous Maybeck in Forest Hill.

  14. jessep this place is listed at $495 psf… Redfin shows the median list psf for sfr’s in Noe to be about $800 psf. Usually the psf goes down as the size of the property goes up.
    I would guess that a 3000 sqft pristine sfr in Noe will list for about $600 to 700 psf. You are getting a relative bargain here – about 6000sft for $500 a foot.
    You already know who to call 🙂

  15. Not really a fan of Victorians, but the owners get high marks for a sensitive and tasteful renovation. And the kitchen is a text book example for anyone who is renovating a kitchen in an older home. All of the modern goodies, but doesn’t look like it just landed from Planet Dwell.

  16. Very nice. They’ve done no evil here (dwell-ification wise). I do have a tiny quibble with the Master bedroom not being the biggest. Would probably have incorporated the bedroom next to it to make it more grand… I know- never good to lose a bedroom but I am child-free so don’t worry about details like that. For resale just need to have it configured to be able to slap a wall back up somehow.
    This feels very attractively priced for size, location, finishing quality.

  17. good god, a socketsiter is showing interest in purchasing in this market and is being ENcouraged, and jimmy the renter is now a quasi homeowner thanks to dad-in-laws downpayment (dad helping kid – NOOOOOOOO)
    and I swear I just saw a pig fly out my window

  18. Agree with others. Nice to see focus on original details, including chandelier lighting strategy vs a cans everywhere.
    Thankfully a useful web site too – why doesn’t everyone include a floorplan?!
    But one thing to note: Brick and mortar foundations and I’m guessing zero seismic. Big work ahead for anyone doing significant remodel in the future (perhaps one reason it remains so original?)

  19. My thoughts with Katherine on combining the Master and the other bedroom… Curious that the Master shares a closet with that other bedroom. Like many of the other commenters on here I think this place was attractively renovated. I don’t care for the lilac paint in the one bedroom, but in this old Victorian place even that fits! Reminds me of my Grandmother and since she lived with us while I was growing up it makes it seem like home. Though she never had that paint color on her walls…. it just reminds me of her perfume…. and the scent of her sheets (lavender).

  20. It’s important to note that the square feet quoted includes the additional studio and office space. Property Shark has 3132 sq. ft. There’s something wierd about the PS statistics for 94114 (showing 2009 sales median at $313/sq. ft.). The place seemed entirely overpriced to me. This is almost $3.0m, and two times a 2003 price for mostly light cosmetic work.

  21. Just looked up permits on sfgov.org. Nothing after mid 2003. I wonder if the current owners did anything at all to the place. Any information on this? Was there unpermitted work? Otherwise at list this would represent a substantial appreciation from 2003.
    [Editor’s Note: As you note, it was mid-2003 when the permit covering the kitchen and master bath work were marked complete. As we noted, the current owners took possession in early 2003 (January) and those two areas were renovated since.]

  22. Katherine, even with children I’d have a hard time using all these bedrooms, since it has a lot of common space too. So I don’t think you’d necessarily need to slap a wall back up in order to resell it. Many families have only one or two children nowadays, after all.
    I’d have been more inclined to make a family/media room out of that middle bedroom and turn the whole upstairs into a master suite. *rawr*
    This place is fun to dream about – can’t wait to see the reports back.

  23. kthnxybe-
    I was trying to sound reasonable… but yeah- I’d tear as many walls out of that floor as I possibly could to make a nice big space– truly in my dreams, though. It is fun to think about- but honestly I could never live in such a big place. I have 1800sf now with my husband working at home and I could use another 300 max for a better home office and that is IT. I don’t want to spend my money furnishing and heating all those rooms!

  24. Do you guys think this is some sort of rental scam? Or false marketing at the very least to bait you to contact their rental company?
    There are ads on craigslist popping up with pictures from this Church street house, mixed with pictures from other homes which also happen to be currently for sale on the mls.
    I doubt this property is already available for rent, at two differnt prices no less.

  25. The other house interspersed is 435 Alvarado. Both houses have been on the market for less than two weeks so I doubt they are for rent. That aside 435 Alvarado is selling for close to it’s May 2000 sale price.

  26. My understanding is that a lot of dirtbags “offer” places for rent on craigslist that they neither own nor manage. When they get a response they get in touch with the real owner/manager and pass it along and demand a fee. Probably a low success rate, but almost no business expenses (other than everyone else’s time that they waste).

  27. unearthly, according to propertyshark, 435 Alvarado sold for:
    $389k in 1994
    $2,152k in 2000
    $2,150k in 2006
    Now on the market for $2,198k
    That 2000 price doesn’t look right to me. Any ideas?

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