2655 Bush Street (
Assuming a conditional use authorization to allow for the development of over one-half acre in addition to all the other requisite approvals, the vacant two-story and 48,000 square foot convalescent facility at 2655 Bush Street (corner of Divisadero) would be razed.
In its place a 108,000 square foot mixed-use building providing 83 new residential units, 4,500 square feet of ground level retail (four and one-half times the current) and below-grade parking for up to 99 cars (again, four and one-half times the current) would rise.
2655 Bush Street: Rendering
As proposed the new building would range from four to six stories (40 to 65 feet) in height and contain a unit mix of one studio, 19 one-bedrooms, and 63 two-bedroom units.

Architecture by Forum Design, and yes, we’re working on some better renderings but at least you can click the image directly above to enlarge (a little).

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by anon

    I like. Divisadero desperately needs some fixing up along pretty much the entire length where it exists as a retail street. Good start.

  2. Posted by dub dub

    Yeah, I remember that horrible building.
    Those renderings are pretty comical (as are the results of my clicking to “enlarge”), but anything would be better in that part of “lower Pacific Heights” 🙂
    [Editor’s Note: “(a litttle)” was added after enlarge just for you…]

  3. Posted by EH

    Man, I love this style of building. Reminds me a little of the WSJ building on Page Mill Rd., Palo Alto.

  4. Posted by tipster

    I get the sense that Divis was the throwaway street of that area. Car repair and auto body shops (there’s one just to the left of the photo) with random retail buildings, almost all of which are very dilapidated.
    This seems like a step in the right direction, but wow what a long road to get to anything decent, when there’s so much crap being held by owners who don’t seem to care at all.

  5. Posted by rr

    This would be a welcome addition to that area. Does anyone know what’s going on with the huge vacant lot at Post & Divis?

  6. Posted by Turin

    One studio? Was there a small left over space in one corner they couldn’t use? Seems random.

  7. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    One studio?
    This allows the developer to advertise “Rents from $1400 !” without stating that you only get a studio for that price. Brings in the calls.

  8. Posted by kthnxybe

    I have a soft spot for the funny little nursing home building that is there now. It reminds me of something out of

  9. Posted by Conifer

    Divisadero from California to Geary could use a little gentrifying, and this will help. It is not Fillmore, but there is potential here.

  10. Posted by StockBoySF

    I agree with anon that Divis needs fixing up pretty much it’s entire retail corridor.
    I think Divis is butt ugly (can I use that word here?) and I always use Masonic, even if it means going out of my way (slightly) to avoid Divis.

  11. Posted by invented

    As much as I like that period (flagstone?) odd building, this is great news. With Divisadero greening beginning this summer, the condo development underway (David Baker?) on Divisadero a few blocks S. of Geary — things are looking up. I’d like to see Geary/Divis area altogether upzoned to create more housing opps esp as it is particularly well served by public transit. More residential development in this area would help knit together NOPA, Lower Pac heights and J-town area. The areas seem altogether disconnected yet are within a few blocks of each other.

  12. Posted by SFer

    Ah finally, the news for my client’s building is out. I’m excited to see this take shape.

  13. Posted by Dude

    Isn’t there a 40 foot height limit on all of Bush St and that NW corner of Divis? Why should this or any developer be allowed to exceed it?

  14. Posted by anon

    ^^^Why should neighbors be allowed to object to height limits on Market that are within the allowable height. Everyone from developers (regularly submit higher than allowed) to residents (regularly get buildings chopped down to lower heights than allowed) don’t take height limits seriously, so you may as well design the building you want and hope to get the variances granted.
    This may not get through, but probably wouldn’t have any better chance if the height were within limits. Might as well try for higher since every development will undergo resident scrutiny. If they eventually chop 25 feet off, they’ve “given something”.

  15. Posted by SocketSite

    Isn’t there a 40 foot height limit on all of Bush St and that NW corner of Divis?
    “The building profie would step down to reflect the higher density commercial comer at the Bush/Divisadero intersection and the lower density of the existing residential structures along Bush Street extending west to Broderick Street. This approach to achieving a transition of building massing adheres to San Francisco Planning Code (Planning Code) Section, 712.1, which emphasizes that the NC-3 district height limit of 65 feet at the Bush/Divisadero intersection should be reduced to the 40-foot-high residential zoning by mid-block.”

  16. Posted by hugh

    oh no. that looks awful. i live a block away. what’s there now is awful too (an abandoned early 60s nursing home?).

  17. Posted by e

    I am hoping this will be good. I live a block away and think this little stretch of Divis has a lot of hidden potential. It is a forgotten stretch that has some good neighborhood restaurants and a few shops. We need a bit more retail and a bit less service stuff (taxes, auto body, etc.). I hope it moves in that direction. Not sure if all these available units will hurt home prices in immediate neighborhood though.

  18. Posted by sherri

    I always liked the corner building… it is a shame that it will be torn down for yet another generic residential building.

  19. Posted by Chad

    What about all the construction noise…. ? Ugggh.

  20. Posted by Arsinoe

    I lived directly across the street from this place for over a year. I hate that creepy covelescent home. I am really glad to see they’re going to tear it down. But knowing the area very well, I think they’re going to have some unexpected issues you can’t believe until you experience it yourself.

  21. Posted by spencer

    this area of divis currently is terrible, and has so much potential. A nice 8 story building here would really liven up the area. The current plans are for a building that is too short. Build it taller and now

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