While plugged-in people know what’s coming (and of course what was there), and it’s a plugged-in Brian Stokle that provides an update (“just starting 2nd floor”) and a couple of early perspectives on the soon to be five-story 700 Valencia rising. Click either to enlarge.

700 Valencia Street: The Details And Designs For Moving Forward [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by curmudgeon

    That’s actually an old pic at this point. They are indeed up on the second floor, or maybe higher.
    [Editor’s Note: The first is dated February 25 and the second (which your comment beat to the site) is from March 4.]

  2. Posted by Bernalman

    This project is a victory for Bernalians, Mission dwellers and regular people (as opposed to MAC, and the disgruntled.) It is a for profit development which means it will generate property taxes (so your stupivisors can the mis allocate those funds.) It will provide needed housing in SF. It will help to bring up the neighborhood- i know tommy ammiano hated gentrification except that gentrification was the one thing that provided him dollars so his profligate spending could occur and it improved Bernal Heights and it didn’t cost the city one dime, entrepreneurs & believers improved Bernal. Now what is the city going to do with all those day laborers on Senor Chavez St.? And will Salvation Army please liquidate some of their real estate holding in the area so that they too can be developed for for profit housing (don’t forget any development in SF has a 12% bmr requirement so it ain’t as snooty as it sounds!)

  3. Posted by wowf

    @ Bernalman. Um, this is @ Valencia and 18th. I’m not sure how this is a victory for Bernal Heights dwellers. It is an improvement over used car lot that was there before (unless you like sunshine on your corners. But then, this is a city. Go to the park if you want sunshine.).

  4. Posted by Dan

    I think he is mixing up the Valencia development with the one on Cesar Chavez and Mission Sts. That project got approved just before the Valencia one, with similar protests, and is in a similar state of construction (to the second floor, last I looked).

  5. Posted by Dan

    Also, the BMR requirements are now 15% on site or 20% off site. (I think the Eastern Neighborhoods plan raises that to 25% in some places.)

  6. Posted by missiondweller

    Mission hipsters couldn’t keep this project down. Better housing than asphault lot.

  7. Posted by 45yo hipster

    I’ll miss the little brownish pink shack that was on that lot. I wonder if it could have been considered historically significant? Gotta check with debra walker…

  8. Posted by NoeNeighbor

    The height of 5 stories is a bit high for the area, but it will be better than the used car lot that was there.

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