22 Hoffman
Purchased for $952,000 in May of 2002, completely remodeled in 2004 (by Ryan no less), and on the market today for $2,199,000. Say hello to our not so little (four bedrooms, three and one-half baths) friend on Hoffman (22 Hoffman to be precise).
UPDATE: And as a number of plugged-in readers note, San Francisco Fire Station 24 across the street (100 Hoffman):
∙ Listing: 22 Hoffman Avenue (4/3.5) – $2,199,000 [] [MLS]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Auden

    Really hot house. Great looking. Awesome architect as well. But there is one not so little detraction too– the rather large working firehouse directly across the street. Say hello to Fire Station 24 at 100 Hoffman Ave if you move in…

  2. Posted by unearthly

    Purchased in 2002 with 10% down ($856k loan), remodeled in 2004, then cash out re-fi in 2005 for an additional $440k ($1.3M loan balance). Inverted floor plan, 3 bedrooms on the lower level and 1 on the main floor. Nice looking remodel; 2004 permit shows a $375k estimate on the remodel but probably on the low end. Any guesses on how much was spent on the remodel?

  3. Posted by eddy

    Honestly, this seems pretty awesome. Few questions…. Back Yard? Interior garage access? Seismic situation? How busy is that corner? Also, I hate those shingles that look nice for the first 3 years then turn to yuck. Why do people do this?.

  4. Posted by Geo

    any idea on the ft²? p-shark has it as 1200, which must be stale given the remodel…

  5. Posted by unearthly

    They’re going for the shingled look, something popular in New England; think Martha’s Vineyard. If maintained the cedar will slowly turn a uniform silver color. If they are fastened with galvanized nails instead of stainless you get streaks from the tannins.
    This is a complete gut and re-build of a 1907 Shingle Style house in upper Noe Valley—the house went from a 2 bedroom, 1 bath (no garage) to a 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 2-car side-by-side garage.
    Shingle-Style Project Details

  6. Posted by unearthly

    any idea on the ft²? p-shark has it as 1200, which must be stale given the remodel…
    2400 sqft plus 600 sqft garage per Architect.

  7. Posted by someone

    Ryan is expensive. Estimated costs on sfgov are purely BS, to reduce the cost of permits.

  8. Posted by sleepiguy

    Ryan normally STARTS at $1000 per foot remodels… but it looks like they made an exception in this case. Hmmmm

  9. Posted by anonn

    Nine fifty two in 2002, eh? That’s two years before the period of time when every fixer in Noe was priced at 699 and went for 850 to a million. Interesting. I can only suppose this was not a flip from onset.
    The firehouse is indeed directly across Alvarado street. (If you Google Map 100 Hoffman, street view, and then hit the north button once. You’ll get a shot in which you can see both the firehouse and 22 Hoffman.) Huge negative. The wall of south facing windows is a big positive. This place is gonna feel really nice inside, I bet. It’ll be an intersting one to watch.

  10. Posted by david

    The 48 bus (diesel) goes right in front too, very noisy. I used to live a block away when the remodel first started.

  11. Posted by Geo $900/ft²…yikes..pretty but not that pretty..

  12. Posted by unearthly

    This house has a better chance of getting $900/sqft than 76 Jersey.

  13. Posted by JayDawg

    Shingles are hard to paint over when this place inevitably gets tagged.

  14. Posted by anonn

    “Shingles are hard to paint over when this place inevitably gets tagged.”
    Not a whole lot of tagging going on in that neighborhood, JayDawg. Unless you know something we don’t of course.

  15. Posted by JayDawg

    I swing by there once a year 😉

  16. Posted by Geo

    re: 76 jersey, I agree with you, but at least I understand their motivation — they are trying to get out relatively whole with an ’06 purchase at that price…I wish them all the best.

  17. Posted by LMRiM

    they are trying to get out relatively whole with an ’06 purchase at that price…I wish them all the best.
    I agree re: 76 Jersey. However, not to be churlish, but I don’t wish the seller all the best. They bought in an unbelievable an obvious bubble. They should bear the consequences of that decision. My sympathies lie with the patient renter who recognized this folly for what it was, bided his time, and now has a potential opportunity to pick up the house at a fair price. I wish the future buyer “all the best”!

  18. Posted by Rocco

    Driving by this morning, it’s a very attractive house. The only downside I could see is that three of the bedrooms, including the master, are on the ground floor and the two smaller ones are partially below grade. Not sure I’d be entirely comfortable leaving the windows open, especially at night.
    Re the firehouse across the street, one could probably find out how many calls they average a day. A lot of SFFD responses are to auto accidents (potential fires) rather than actual house fires.

  19. Posted by sf

    I used to live at 4 Hoffman. The diesel bus is incredibly loud and annoying. It also brings people from the outer mission 24th st area (gang land) into this really very tony neighborhood. I came to my car one morning to a busted window, which was parked right in front of 22 Hoffman st. A Mercedes behind me also had a busted window, and a neighbor’s Toyota Landcruiser was STOLEN that same night. This stuff only happens in Detroit, right? The fire station is very active, the sirens blare once every few hours. I don’t live in da ‘hood anymore.

  20. Posted by juju

    cute remodeling job. But we all know the real estate mantra: location, location, location. Why would anyone spend $2.2M on a house directly across from a firehouse? For $2.2M, I want a house that is nicely done and at a nice quiet neighborhood. Can you imagine fire trucks making all those noise in the middle of the night and that you spend $2.2M to have the pleasure of hearing that several times daily during day time and night! There are way too many houses in SF to pick from now. Buyers have the upper-hand and I doubt they will jump on this house at this price.

  21. Posted by bgelldawg

    Refreshing to see some outdoor photos taken in less than perfect weather.
    The bathtub in the gray bathroom is beautiful, but it looks like it would be very awkward, if not downright dangerous, to get in and out of it.

  22. Posted by DanRH

    Bathrooms: I really like that wood rail/ledge that extends into the shower area on that one bathroom.

  23. Posted by toadie

    Went to see this open house today. Overall, very nice home and very well done remodel. Great details throughout. The finishes in the kitchen could have been a little nicer. Only one kitchen sink? My guess is that this house goes over asking….even in this market. Just a guess though.

  24. Posted by Auden

    I walked through it myself this weekend. I’m revising my rating of “really hot house” to “not so bad house”. Upstairs: I liked the kitchen and adjoining breakfast nook/lounging area. The rest of the upstairs was a pass. The mixing of before and after elements of the house did not work IMO, it felt like two competing styles- but when the owners started from scratch, like the kitchen addition, the house looked great.
    The firehouse has been restored and it is a very lovely looking neighbor… but as for the noise…

  25. Posted by Dave

    I live at Alvarado and Hoffman about 200 feet from 22 Hoffman. 95% of the time the engines leave by taking a right,away from 22 Hoff, and then a left down 23rd for calls in the mission mostly. The engine blows not right out of the gate, but usually somewhere on 23rd st. were I used to live and can tell you first hand the engines are noisy. I have never been bothered or woken in the night by this fire station now that I’m at Alvarado and Hoffman.

  26. Posted by toadie

    Looks like this one may have sold….anyone know for how much?? I had guessed that this one might go a bit over asking. I heard a lot of positive comments at the open house and I think the realtor was really smart with the pricing of this place.

  27. Posted by auden

    T- It says its active on the mls still

  28. Posted by anonn

    In contract, apparently after its flat showing schedule and offer date were adhered to.

  29. Posted by sanfrantim

    Sold for a little OVER asking at 2,210,000.

  30. Posted by Geo

    Wow, that is a heck of a price for the place. Impressive at $900/ft² for that location. Granted a corner lot and nicely done turnkey, but holy smokes it seems like a rich premium to me at least.

  31. Posted by 94114

    Did you see that 45 San Marcos in Forest Hill is in escrow?

  32. Posted by Geo

    45 san marcos: did not see that – that is quick –it is a nice mid-century piece –$600/ft² with nice views, Andrew does list his houses to sell quickly. great comp.
    thanks for the pointer.

  33. Posted by anonn

    Is 435 Alvarado an apple? It’s in contract after two and a half weeks for 48K more than the last sales price, and the photos look the same. But the language makes it seem as if work was done. Too busy to pull the permit history. Also, I’m pretty sure 3963 22nd st is an apple in contract with a 1.295M list, after a price reduction. At this point it’s about 40K less than it sold for last time around.

  34. Posted by Geo

    Forest Hill (ext) apple 86 Idora Sold in May ’07 for $1.6 million, with a recent price reduction to $1.249, and $424/ft²…

  35. Posted by Trip

    Geo, I just noticed that place on Idora and remarked on another thread.

  36. Posted by Geo

    Trip — Wild, timing. I too had just saw that price reduction, it is a nice neighborhood over there, but ouch that one hurts.

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