Temporary Transbay Bus Terminal Site: 1/19/09 (
Ground has been broken for the Temporary Transbay Bus Terminal and as of this long weekend 200 Folsom is no longer. After a bit more prep it will be time to build. And dream.
Transbay Transit Center Groundbreaking, Fat Mike & Infinity All In One [SocketSite]
T-Minus Two Weeks Until Transbay Temporary Bus Terminal Start [SocketSite]
Transbay Park Potential: Post-Temporary Transbay Terminal (Et Al.) [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by jamie

    Amen to the demolition of those buildings … not only does it mark progress, but it rids Rincon Hill or what were becoming weekly vandalism and graffitti targets.

  2. Posted by IamENTITLEDto3PARKINGspots

    I will keep my dreams crossed.

  3. Posted by anon

    I think this is the one project in the bay area that is 100% on schedule, full speed ahead. When their website says something is going to happen on a certain date, they mean it.

  4. Posted by tharpo

    Sad to see Fat Wreck Chords go…. I know they’ve moved, not died, but it was the only edge left in what’s fast becoming yuppietown.

  5. Posted by RinconHill_Res

    “…what’s fast becoming yuppietown.”
    I know what you mean…..there are some yuppies trying to move into my neighborhood…what kind of a world do we live in when yuppies can live anywhere they want?

  6. Posted by Tweety

    Pretty soon, Yuppies will be everywhere. Sitting at your lunch counters, dating your daughters, using the front entrance at Macy’s…

  7. Posted by location

    Excited to see this moving forward. Is the giant tower still part of the plans for this site?
    Also, is there really anything edgy about Fat Wreck Chords at this point?

  8. Posted by tharpo

    Well, when you’re over 40, Fat Wreck Chords still seems edgy. Those kids and their Celine Dion…

  9. Posted by jamie

    No giant tower at the TEMPORARY terminal site .. just buses and canopies for the next 5 or 6 years while the new Transbay Transit Center and accompanying 1000′ tower are built, so say the current plans

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