14 Harris Place
It’s a simple façade hiding a contemporary “loft-like” interior in Cow Hollow. Design by House and House Architects and asking $2,150,000. Yes, we like.
14 Harris Place: Interior
∙ Listing: 14 Harris Place (3/2.5) – $2,150,000 [MLS]

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  1. Posted by amused

    Uh oh. Something different. That’s not going to go over well. I keep looking at the pictures, but I can’t find the fainting room.

  2. Posted by Drew

    Just don’t sweep the office while your honey is having lunch! Ewww, dustbunny sandwich!

  3. Posted by eddy

    This is somehow awesome and hideous at the same time.

  4. Posted by MarinaRenter

    Questions for socketsite readers:
    Why would anyone sell their house/condo/apt building right now, unless they were a desperate seller???
    I realize people move for jobs, schools, etc. However, those people are, by definittion, a little desperate. They cannot hold 2 mortgages, or a mortgage and rent, but they have to move due to their kids, job, or whatever thing is forcing them to move. These days, it could be their loan-resetting, the loss of a job, or a reduction in pay. If you are not a deperate seller, why would you put your house on the market now? Wouldn’t you wait until we come out of this depression, even if it is 10 yrs from now?
    The only reason that I can think of is to take a loss now, b/c you never think the price of your home will reach these levels again.

  5. Posted by Trip

    MarinaRenter, I agree with you, but here’s another take. Those selling now may receive, say, 20% less than 1 year ago, but they may sell at a far higher price today than a year from now. Selling now actually has a pretty sound logic — either cutting one’s losses or getting out while the gettin’ is (still pretty) good.
    On a related note, an awful lot of places seem to be coming on to the market this week. Redfin shows 204 in the last 7 days, and 116 new listings in the last 24 hours.

  6. Posted by Foolio

    “On a related note, an awful lot of places seem to be coming on to the market this week. Redfin shows 204 in the last 7 days, and 116 new listings in the last 24 hours.”
    This has been my sense as well, and it seems contrary to the CW that people generally wait until after the Super Bowl (still 3 weekends away) to list (or re-list, as it were).

  7. Posted by EH

    “…Fred Grandy as Your Yeoman Purser.”
    Does Foster Brooks come with the place?

  8. Posted by Michael

    Anyone know what that wall unit on the left side of the office is called or who makes it?

  9. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    So that’s what those trendy finished wood garage doors look like after a few years roll by and moisture takes its toll.

  10. Posted by amused

    Michael –
    Looks like an Eames storage unit made by Herman Miller.

  11. Posted by Michael

    amused, thanks, I recognized it as HM but I searched for wall unit instead of storage and couldn’t find it. Apparently it’s called the Eames Storage Unit 420.

  12. Posted by amused

    One tip: If you’re looking to get one, there’s a great online retailer I’ve used for years called
    Yes, it’s a bad name. But they have great stuff and there’s no tax and no shipping. This can lead to huge savings over other retailers (DWR: I’m talking to you). They also stock popular items and ship them straight away.

  13. Posted by kthnxybe

    I really like the color of the wood in the kitchen. Drew is right though, watch for falling dust bunnies.

  14. Posted by curmudgeon

    Wonderful sense of entry…not

  15. Posted by wolfee

    The agent is the owner and his wife is the artist of all the landscape paintings. Not sure why they are selling. Perhaps they are headed back east.

  16. Posted by pwb

    With mortgage rates where they are, maybe there’s more buying power than some think?

  17. Posted by pwb

    For truly low priced Eames knock-offs:
    For the lowest cost (unlicensed) Eames Storage Units:
    Pretty much everyone else sells the licensed versions at the same price. Typically that’s Modernica.

  18. Posted by diemos

    “With mortgage rates where they are, maybe there’s more buying power than some think?”
    There is, there’s just a hell of a lot fewer people who can qualify to get it.

  19. Posted by paco

    this is next to an old listing of fluj’s. cute little street.

  20. Posted by jlasf

    Cool house except…….what is going on with the facade?
    Does anyone like that? Odd color. Bad garage door. Boring
    and blank. I don’t understand how so much thought could
    have gone into the interior and so little to the front.

  21. Posted by waiting2nest

    jlasf, I couldn’t agree more. The outside is hideous IMO. I don’t mind the color, but I don’t like the small windows and the rustic garage door. Absolutely no curb appeal – – which is too bad because the inside’s pretty nice.

  22. Posted by amused

    I really like the interior. I’d make some changes, but it’s got a lot of appeal to me personally.
    As for the exterior, agreed that it’s a mess. It’s bad postmodern, like Michael Graves threw up on it. The garage door’s problems have nothing to do with “trendy” — they have to do with a poor selection of materials, poorly prepared for the elements.
    As for the “dust bunnies in your lunch” — that’s horrifyingly stupid.

  23. Posted by Rocco

    Went to the open house:
    Pro: front door is down a path, putting the entry at the center of the house. Good construction details, railings, fixtures etc and proportions are nice inside- but the decor is overwhelming. Some updating needed. It is, after all, a 10-year-old design.
    Con: The master has no door- it’s up an open flight of stairs. And no door on the bath- it’s entirely open. Vaulted ceiling with skylights, and limited closets. The realtor is counting an office/playroom as a bedroom, one you have to go through to get to the second bedroom.
    BTW the Eames storage unit on the landing is vintage. New ones at Design With Reach.

  24. Posted by SocketSite

    The list price for 14 Harris Place has been reduced $155,000 (7%). Now asking $1,995,000.

  25. Posted by tipster

    14 Harris Place has been reduced again to 1.895. “LAST PRICE REDUCTION before it goes off the market!!!” according to the listing.

  26. Posted by LMRiM

    I just don’t get SF real estate sales strategy. I mean, I know there are suckers, etc., and it only takes one, but these cut strategies just don’t seem high percentage bets.
    $2.15M -> $2.0M -> $1.9M. All they have done imo is signal that there was zero expressed interest even at $1.8M. Had there been someone serious down there, don’t you think a deal would have been struck for, say, $1.85M? Even a “fair value baloney salesman” like me wouldn’t sweat $50K for a second if I liked the place.
    I wonder if this is headed to the rental channel soon?

  27. Posted by anonn

    Those are a lot of assumptions, all preceeded by a disclaimer that you really do not get it. The variables are many. It could be that smallish, personal taste-laden SFRs with somewhat obstructed GG Bridge views have a ceiling in this market. Whether or not you get it, there is a pricepoint that will bring previously sidelined buyers into the market for this property. Logically, the assumption that the old pricepoint should have triggered at least some lower offers makes sense. However, it could very well be that 1.9-2M kept this property completely off the radar of four groups. One never knows. This new pricepoint brings the monies down to sub-500K, for one thing.

  28. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    LMRiM – Just as sellers can safely assume that there may be a sucker out there willing to bite at a high price, they can also assume that in general buyers either have a short memory or don’t bother to research a property’s history.
    You and I and many others here see these signals clearly. The seller has tipped their hand and are now in a weaker position if they were to get into negotiation with you.
    But all they need to do is to pull the property off of the market for the mandated minimum and it will appear “new” and without a history to the other 99% of buyers.
    Part of the problem with overvaluation is that most people didn’t see properties as being overvalued and thus were willing to pay an extra 400K for a 50K flip job.
    My only hope in this market has been that as time grinds on enough of the stupid money will be neutralized through overvalued sales, shrinking the buyer pool to a greater ratio of those who can see through the smoke and recognize the real value.

  29. Posted by Trip

    Are there really serious potential buyers who might now jump in with an offer now that it’s listed for 1.895M but the place would be completely off their radar at $1.995? I suppose it’s possible, but I’d think that if someone is looking for places in the $2M range they’d be aware (or a good agent would make them aware) of everything even in the ballpark. There aren’t that many places at these price levels in the whole city, and 30 seconds on Redfin shows you all of them.
    All I can figure is they’ve either really botched it with this pricing strategy or it was part of a grand scheme to get $1.7M for a place (I saved $450,000!) that they reasonably believed would fetch less if they priced it there to begin with. Whatever the strategy — if any — we know that it has not resulted in a sale yet . . .

  30. Posted by anonn

    Are there really serious potential buyers who might now jump in with an offer now that it’s listed for 1.895M but the place would be completely off their radar at $1.995?
    Yes, there are. Doubt away. But one phone call of agent to buyer that ends with, “I thought I told you not to contact me about anything for two million” will cinch it.

  31. Posted by Trip

    But this was reduced to $1.995M on 2/12/09 . . .
    I suppose they may have told their agent “I thought I told you not to contact me about anything for 1.9 million,” in which case this pricing strategy has been brilliant.

  32. Posted by anonn

    ” …. in which case this pricing strategy has been brilliant.”
    Not everyone is as brilliant as people on here think they are, Trip. Or endowed with the totally rad superpower of being able to predict the future for that matter.

  33. Posted by Trip

    This place is also now re-listed, at $1,995,000.
    And probably nearing $100,000 in additional carrying/opportunity costs since it was first listed.

  34. Posted by John

    Now back on the market. Ooops, someone beat me to it!

  35. Posted by anonn

    Sold for $1.95M

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