Candlestick Point Phase Three
“Work on the $240 million phase three of Top Vision Development’s Candlestick Point has come to a grinding halt, with the builder unable to secure construction financing for the waterfront project.”
“Meanwhile, next door to the Top Vision site, Signature Properties is still building Candlestick Cove, a 125-unit phase of a cluster that will eventually total 499 units. Signature Properties President Michael Ghielmetti said they are cautiously moving forward with their wood frame units, adding five-unit townhouses as warranted by sales of completed units. He said Signature has no immediate plans to start work on the taller 100-plus-unit podium buildings it has entitled.”
Top Vision halts $240M Candlestick condos [San Francisco Business Times]
JustQuotes: Highrise Housing (And More) For Candlestick Point [SocketSite]
The Cove (Candlestick Point) [SocketSite]

10 thoughts on “Candlestick Condo Construction: Point Paused, Cove “Cautious””
  1. I hope the mid-rise is built at some point. The existing condos look very squat and unappealing and the taller building might balance this a bit
    Overall really poor looking projects

  2. Is anybody actually buying here? It looks like a TB sanitorium or an insane asylum. Is there transport or shopping or anything other than a creaky old stadium nearby?
    I’ve only driven past, never actually taken a tour. Somebody help me see the upsides?

  3. Who would want to live in this location? you can’t walk anywhere, it’s windy as hell and you have no neighborhood at all.
    I can see this turning into corporate rentals.

  4. Believe it or not, I know someone who loves living there. The plus sides…easy access to 101 (he works at SF General, so it’s a hop and a skip), access to the water, relative quiet.
    You couldn’t pay me, though.

  5. Broadway and Lyon, get it right losers, or get real jobs make real money and move to the “real SF,” if we let you in, that is. Snicker.

  6. For those harping on the location, get a clue. The place is 10 minutes to downtown, 10 minutes to SFO, 10 minutes to BART (via free shuttle), and 10 minutes walk to MUNI/SamTrans. Pay $1.50 on SamTrans and you are at SFO. Lots of shorebirds and trails to view them from. Depending on units, you get a combo of view and quiet living. Gated with 24-hour security on duty. HOA includes water and gas. What more can you ask for? I love it here.

  7. This place is like finding a diamond in the rough!! Best kept secret. Lets keep it that way. I am surrounded by doc, nurses, cops and pilots!!!!

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