48 Langton
Three new condos touting “green features” like recycled insulation and tank-less hot water heaters sprouted up at 48 Langton. Two car tandem parking per unit (keep it green with two cars off the street…) and a higher quality of finish than we’ve come to expect.
48 Langton: Kitchen
An urban neighborhood you’ll either love or hate (okay, or perhaps just like). And a couple of great views from the decks of the city and 60 Rausch (at least for now).
48 Langton: Deck
48 Langton #1 (2/2) – $889,000; #2 (2/2.5) – $899,000; and #3 (2/2.5) – $899,000.
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The Mullen Buildings: 52/60 Rausch & 73 Sumner [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Dude

    Looks nice, but no square footage provided that I could find. Leads me to believe they’re overpriced. If they’re anything under 1,200 square feet, good luck. 2/2 units in nicer parts of Soma are struggling to sell around $750 psf from what I’ve seen. As a comp I reference 1150 Folsom #1, which is literally around the corner and just sold for $435 per square foot. But maybe somebody is willing to pay extra to “be green.”

  2. Posted by zig

    Langton is where my ancestors started in the 1880’s or thereabouts.
    Poor Irish

  3. Posted by joe shome

    Well, I think you can see the problem if you go to the Google street view, this a narrow, graffiti covered block. They probably had to buy an oil drum of chemical solvent to keep it clean while they are selling it.

  4. Posted by me

    I work on this block. Just about everything on this alley has been gutted and had the interior redone. There are some nice offices, Brain Wash cafe/laundromat/bar on one corner, and a community garden on the other.
    The alley is super narrow (strangely, it’s a 2 way street). At night, there are quite a few homeless people. There is a “drop in” center just around the corner on Howard.

  5. Posted by anon

    This part of soma is a little rough. I just looked it up on Yahoo maps to make sure I had the correct location and noticed that they had renamed the part of soma I live in, east of 5th/north of 101, “financial district south.” Lol. ‘SOMA’ is becoming synonymous with sketchy?

  6. Posted by tipster

    Cool indoor/outdoor fireplace!

  7. Posted by steve

    @tipster, agreed on the fireplaces.
    the tile work looks nice throughout. in the showers, the bases appear to be solid surface (and not fiberglass). any idea on what they might be use for shower pans?

  8. Posted by Dan

    Google Maps Street View shows graffiti only on the temporary construction plywood, not a “graffiti covered block.”

  9. Posted by g

    Anyone else not a big fan of bay windows, whether the classic ones on older houses or the more modern incarnation seen here? I don’t like the idea of being able to see my next door neighbor from my own home and vice versa.

  10. Posted by spencer

    I don’t see the sq footage eaither but would be willing to bet this will go for <550/sq ft. It is in a “not so nice” part of Soma, and as someone stated above, 2/2 are selling for less in the nicer parts.

  11. Posted by deshard

    I used to live not too far from Langton on Harrison St. (Ironworks) and it’s a tough neighborhood to deal with. Not exactly a walking neighborhood: garbage, poo (not always from dogs), pee and the like.
    I don’t miss it. At all, and my nose thanks me.

  12. Posted by Tony Wessling

    Ha! I used to live at 42-1/2 Langton, and always had visions of such a nice building springing up there. The fact that my residence took place about 15 years ago is testament to the snail’s pace of progress SoMa.
    Still, there is progress. And yes, as deshard notes, and others corroborated, there is poo, as well.

  13. Posted by Ryan

    But did you go to the “Pre-release open house party” it was amazing… Well done. Kudos to the Vanguard agent that put it together.
    [I have nothing to gain or loose with the sale of this property… I am just saying it was a nice event.]
    In other news I enjoyed the property. The rooftop deck, as well as the upper unit that faces Langton has some very nice, un-obstructed downtown views! I am sure that will be the first unit to sell.
    I liked the fireplaces in the living rooms and as someone above commented about the bay windows, the architect did a nice job because the lower portion of all the bay windows are frosted. So it lends some nice privacy without having to draw the blinds all the time.
    I was impressed with the finishes in the bathrooms. There was a couple things I didn’t love in the kitchens (no disposals, and wasn’t a huge fan of the way the cabinets opened.)
    Other than that, they did a very nice job with the construction. Good luck!

  14. Posted by view lover

    These are very similar to another project just down a couple of doors that was sold in 2003. I made an offer and did not get it, but back then they were 589-629K. It looks like these are asking 50% more than 2003 pricing. Interesting to see if they get it, back then the neighborhood had more promise of improvement which has not materialized.

  15. Posted by Danny

    Noticed earlier today that a “Sneak Preview” is scheduled for this coming Sunday, Dec 14 from 2 – 4 pm.
    Also Square footages have been added:
    Unit 1 – 1,096 sq.ft.
    Unit 2 – 1,274 sq.ft.
    Unit 3 – 1,266 sq.ft.

  16. Posted by SocketSite

    The sale of 48 Langton Street #2 closed escrow yesterday with a reported contract price of $770,000 ($604 per square foot and 14% under asking).

  17. Posted by SocketSite

    The sale of 48 Langton Street #1 closed escrow yesterday with a reported contract price of $750,000, 16% under asking and $684 per square foot.

  18. Posted by SocketSite

    The sale of 48 Langton Street #3 closed escrow on 8/13/09 with a reported contract price of $770,000, 14% under original asking and $608 per square foot.

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