958 Sanchez: Stove

We’re making it Thanksgiving time tradition: a recent reduction (listed on 11/06 for $1,175,000, reduced to $1,098,000 on 11/21) and a gorgeous old stove.

Here’s to hoping your pantry is plentiful along with your family and friends. Safe travels if you are (traveling). And we’ll see you next week.

∙ Listing: 956-958 Sanchez (4/2) – $1,098,000 [Virtual Tour]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Ryan

    Now would you keep that? Or re-do the whole kitchen? I have no idea.
    Oh wow it’s got a circular bed in one of the bedrooms. I wonder if that’s included?!

  2. Posted by blaise5000

    the expansion potential is “temendous”.

  3. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    How is this ~$500/sq.ft. ? This is a very good block. The lack of parking does not explain the lowish price.
    Is the uncertainty that planning will allow a 2->1 conversion tarnishing this house ? Even if planning didn’t cooperate, how can they prohibit using this as a SFH ?
    On the stove – nice antique but I wouldn’t want to have to rely on that to produce a big meal.

  4. Posted by ToonArmy

    I was also wondering a bit at the price. The floor plans are a bit strange – the one bathroom pr unit seems to be accessed through the kitchen, far from the bedrooms. That, the complete lack of parking, and maybe there is something else hiding behind the “consukt planning department”. Would seem better as a pair of rentals rather than a SFH, but perhaps there is a tenant eviction or other hindrance?

  5. Posted by Mike

    Of all the things a house like this may or may not have…think of those without ANY home who are trying to get back on track.
    We should all strive to make donations: food, clothes, volunteer, money to any local group helping those in need.
    Happy Holidays.

  6. Posted by flaneur

    A factor in the price is probably the unfortunate remodel in which the house lost its Victorian front and architectural integrity. This house is a poster for all the historic policies the planning department now enforces.

  7. Posted by bgelldawg

    Granite was a very bad choice for that kitchen.
    And what is hiding behind the shower curtain in the bathroom?
    No garage, no parking, no sale at that price.

  8. Posted by tipster

    Warm thoughts? Photographs 6 and 25 show wall heaters throughout. That can indicate it has no central heat.
    I suspect this was just slapped up as a cheap apartment building when it was built, then these owners have tried to make it into a more upscale building by improving some of the finishes.
    Deep down, it’s just a cheap apartment building with some modestly upscale fixtures added. And now they want over a million dollars for it.
    Good grief, I think we’re all going to be laughing about this one in a few years. It might sell to some fool between now and then, but “what were they thinking” will be the question that gets asked of them.

  9. Posted by bonbon

    It looks like the bedroom is in between the living room and the dining room… that could be a bit awkward…

  10. Posted by Sunny Jim

    Happy Thanksgiving to Satchel. Whether it’s Satchel Paige or Satchel Armstrong that is the Godfather, thanks for the great posts.
    Sunny Jim

  11. Posted by SocketSite

    The MLS listings for 956-958 Sanchez have been withdrawn.

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