Another reader (“Flaneur”) responds to our unofficial One Rincon Hill penthouse floor plan challenge with a great attitude (“I can hardly wait for my ‘design review’”), a bit of humility (“I am not an architect, it probably shows”), and an interesting approach: raising the floors in the bedrooms and bathrooms to provide a conduit for any new plumbing/electrical.
And while some might accuse the design of being “amateurish,” we applaud the effort and thank Flanuer for provoking some new thought (perhaps sliding doors throughout?).
Now on to the critique. But once again, if you think you can do better…
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22 thoughts on “The Unofficial One Rincon Hill Floor Plan Challenge: It’s Flaneur Time”
  1. overall I really like this design, especially the entrance gallery
    however, in both this version and the last version the ‘architect’ put the Media room near a bedroom. I personally wouldn’t want the media room near a bedroom… because it limits when you can use it. (spouse goes to bed, you’re blasting your music or TV?)
    for that reason I might swap the Media room for the south bedroom… even though that makes for a boring design (the bedrooms clustered)
    Or perhaps put the media room next to the dining room (although that seems clunky)
    That said: I’ve been in a lot of newer construction, and my biggest pet peeve is when bedrooms are right off of an entertaining space like a kitchen or living room. lately it seems to be the norm for a LOT of new construction, and just doesn’t fit my life. I want to be able to sleep when other people entertain chez moi.
    But I’m more sensitive to this issue because I often have off hours. (I may be awake when others are sleeping, and vice versa).

  2. Very sexy plan. Makes much better use of the views from the bathtubs and showers, the WOW factor needed at this price point. The bedroom door (and, if left open, the bed) would be the first thing you see when entering the unit, so maybe a re-working of that feature. Love the different levels, but would that be ADA approved? A person with mobility challanges might find some obstacles.
    It is a grand design, worthy of the setting. What a difference from the initial one.

  3. @TCatch: I’m not sure I understand where your ADA approval concern comes from. It’s a private residence and therefore not required to meet title 24 compliance. Also, I’m not sure you’re looking at the plan correctly, the door in into the bedroom from the access cluster (elevators/stairs) wouldn’t normally be the entry point, there’s a formal “entrance gallery”.
    Am I missing something?

  4. Love the way all of these bathrooms will have some seriously pimp views, particularly for the master bedroom. Only downside I see is that the bathroom for guests [near the dining room] looks pretty small, and perhaps that could be enlarged to create a “wow” effect for guests as well. I’m not a fan of the kitchen between the living room and dining room, but there’s not really a better place to put it, in this format. That said, overall it looks pretty good … these seem to get better and better with each submission. At this rate an architect’s contribution may be moot. Just kidding 🙂

  5. Recent ORH buyer –
    There is a guest bathroom off the gallery and I had more in mind that small bathroom you mention as a toilet for the staff, or an extra toilet for the master suite. However, you are right, this is a place for entertaining (as in fundraisers), and it needs two guest bathrooms. This is just a first draft. I really hope this floor sells undivided: it will do a lot to establish Rincon Hill.

  6. Again, this plan looks good on paper, but did not consider how people live.
    1. Dinning room should be on the west side, so you can enjoy the sunset while having dinner.
    2. Media room should be be on the west side. It is very difficult to block the light completely with window treatment. Media room is used mostly from afternoon to night. It should be on the north or east side to avoid the afternoon sun.
    3. Wine room should not have window.
    4. Laundry should be close to the bedrooms.
    5. Needs a maid’s room.
    6. Media room needs to be closer to the kitchen (to get beer and popcorns).
    7. Breakfast table should be on the east side for the morning sun.

  7. John –
    Agree with you on most counts. Regarding 4, you colud carve out the laundry room off the south guest bedroom. Regarding 7, consider the kitcen and the dining room swapped. But regarding 5, I would at most get a studio for the maid on a lower floor.

  8. Eddy, I love it. I’d ask you to marry me but, after last Tuesday, we’d both end up in jail or something.
    Something you Rockefellers may want to consider when doing your plans: add a catering kitchen, behind doors that can be closed, smaller and less grand than the open kitchen. Staff can use it to do prep and staging and for clean up when they do your big parties. Been to catered parties with and without, and with is nicer. Just a suggestion.

  9. Eddy – Clearly you are not an architect or you would have noticed that you cannot locate that BBQ and portajohn in those locations without violating building codes WRT venting.
    Just kidding. Best. Plan. Evar.
    Actually all 3 reader submitted plans are cool : great creativity (of all sorts 😉
    I’m surprised no-one has analyzed these plans for their Feng Shui value.

  10. flaneur,
    Laundry room should be close to the bedrooms but not next wall, so the late night laundry won’t wake anyone up.
    Regarding 7, you mean swapping living room and dinning room, right?
    Renting a studio for the maid… ok, that’s doable.
    One thing I don’t like is that all of the rooms have big windows. It is nice to have natural lighting, but sometimes, a windowless room works the best for some purposes – for example, wine room, media room, or dark room. That’s why personally I don’t like condos. I love garages.
    So, with a quick glance, only south side is deep enough to create some small rooms without window. That entrance gallery is cool but it is dead useless space. I would get rid of it and create some rooms instead.
    Another thing – without scale, it is difficult to understand how big the space is. However, using the beds as reference, I have the feeling some rooms are too big. A 1500sqft space (north side) without walls will only make you feel the ceilings very low.

  11. At least you raised the floors for sensible reasons, but they still aren’t accessible.
    The sight lines aren’t bad, but it looks short on closet space.

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