188 Minna #23F: Living
And speaking of glass walls (but definitely not glass ceilings) as well as voyeurlicious design (in more ways than one), a reader points us in the direction of St. Regis Residences (a.k.a. 188 Minna) #23F.
188 Minna #23F: Bed
No word on whether or not the “automatic window coverings” extend to the wall as well.
UPDATE: And now there is (and the word is yes). Now if you could flip a switch and the glass turned translucent…
∙ Listing: 188 Minna #23F ( 2/2.5) – $2,595,000 [Janet Krahling] [MLS]

24 thoughts on “Voyeurlicious Design (TM) In More Ways Than One: 188 Minna #23F”
  1. Not a lot of house for the money, especially that tiny kitchen. Like the looks of the sink in the second bathroom (is that inlaid or is it cut from a single piece of marble?!); wonder how practical it is…

  2. That technology (flip a switch and the glass becomes translucent) is available, as you might already know. I’ve been to a restaurant that used it in the bathroom… the stall doors were clear glass, but when you engage the latch, it completes the circuit and the glass becomes opaque. Very cool.

  3. It is sexy but sterile. It feel too much like a top of the moment hotel. YOu can stay one night and then live in something more charming and still come out ahead.

  4. My favorite version of “privacy glass” I have ever seen was in Germany way back in the ’70’s.
    Insulated glass with about a 1 inch clear space between the two panes. Push a button and you hear a sound remarkably like a vacuum cleaner and watch the space fill up with tiny versions of ping-pong balls.

  5. @rocco- don’t see a four seasons picture. as of 8:14 am this morning, the listing page shows the st regis entry only.

  6. # 27D is in contract for around 2.55M. I guess they tried to sell it last year for ~3M ? It’s still over $1400 a foot even with the half mil reduction.

  7. With 20% down at 4%, mortgage will cost you ~4600, Property taxes ~1150 and HOA dues + parking at 2335 for a grand total of ~8K. Which is roughly the asking rent on some units that are on CL.
    If this the actual rent you can get (debatable), then we’re getting closer to parity. Not like in 2008 where pride of ownership would make you pay double the rental rate 😉

  8. Hmmm, lets see how the math works out. The owners cost is $8000, and the rent is $8000. Looks pretty even.
    However, in 54 months, the owner also lost over a million dollars, or around $19,000 per month. The renter loses nada. That aint parity, lol. Pride of ownership now makes you pay TRIPLE the rental rate.

  9. Using a result from the past and trying to exactly/directly apply it to the future is not math. It is sorcery. These same guys hoot and holler about all the real estate agents who promised appreciation. This hypocrite is doing the same thing, in reverse. He simply talks too much, and you allow him way too much room, ed.

  10. ^^^
    A strawman’s argument mixed with putting words in my mouth. Come one “Twister”!
    1 – I commented on the huge loss
    2 – I said the price TODAY would make sense rent-vs-own-wise. Not YESTERDAY.
    Tipster, when I was among the few vindicated in 2010, I looked at cold hard facts and adjusted my spiel. You haven’t. Now I’ll let the broken clocks linger in last war’s victory.

  11. I know. And the Ed edited out my comment about our favorite troll making up numbers again..
    I guess you can make up nonsense and talk about baking cookies, but if you call someone a troll that’s not ok?

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