2799 Broadway (www.SocketSite.com)

While the basic gist of the tale we were told a while back about the recent sale of 2799 Broadway (see third paragraph below) was accurate (big house sells for big money and Bebo founders buy it), a bit of refinement is in order.

While Malin Giddings represented those who sold, and might have presented an offer, it turns out it was actually Sotheby’s uberagent Deborah Svoboda who brought the buyers, offer and bills to the door.

And while the property really wasn’t on the market (not even “unofficially”), no door bells were rung unexpectedly (you can all stop looking out your windows with your fingers crossed now), it was more of an “offer you can’t refuse.”

2799 Broadway (www.SocketSite.com)

Another little tidbit, although not yet reflected online, the address has officially been changed from 37 Raycliff Terrace to 2799 Broadway (think resale for those who care).

11 thoughts on “The SocketSite Scoop On 2799 Broadway (A.K.A. 37 Raycliff Terrace)”
  1. I previously wondered aloud why this highly confidential comp would be disclosed — and then it occurred to me why.

  2. anyone know typical commission on these hyper expensive properties? wouldn’t sellers negotiate down to like 2% or something? maybe a sliding scale (downward) as prices go up?

  3. Fundy:
    I’m a commercial broker, so I’m not entirely sure how residential commissions are negotiated for deals that size. But for us, large deals are typically either a point or two, or just a flat fee regardless of price (think: $200k to the sell side for a $30M deal).

  4. If you’re a realtor dealing in high end D7 properties this isn’t exactly a comp you want shoved under the table. So I’d venture to guess that this leaked transaction was leaked directly by one of the realtors.

  5. The numbers are hideous. But just by looking at this guy, and with the interactions I’ve had with techies all over the bay area, the old saying goes, you can’t buy yourself class.

  6. And 11 years later, it’s finally actually listed for sale, so we can all see the insides. Staging by Elmer J. Fudd. Great views. See name link.

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