2170 Pacifc

One official “day on the market” in district seven (be sure to adjust those industry statistics if you’re playing along at home). “On Tour as New” and “1st OPEN!” according the listing. And yet somehow strangely familiar. For the second time.

We’ll try to lead by example, however, and at least add a bit of information that’s actually “new”: purchased on 5/27/2004 for $2,350,000. Closing price for the Dow Jones Industrial Average on that day: 9,958. Currently: 8,174 (and falling rising falling).

9 thoughts on “It’s Deja Vu (But Not DJIA) All Over Again: 2170 Pacific Avenue Edition”
  1. Did we decide there were 4 units in this thing?
    With the tanking stock market, this is an impossible sale for anywhere near asking. It’s absolutely worth less today than it was back in 2004. Right now, you can easily buy a single family home in district 7 in a better area for much, much less. That said, I haven’t seen a single SFH go into contract in the last few weeks.

  2. Too bad it was ever condo-ized. Odd that the number of units isn’t mentioned in the listing. But I wonder, if you were able to buy them all would the city allow conversion back to a SFH? Just a hypothetical question.

  3. ^ Easy answer.. No..
    You can attempt to get a DUM (dwelling unit merger), but the city frowns upon eliminating units. Remember, in SF, you really don’t OWN your property…

  4. that long staircase up the side looks kind of dumb, must be access for the upper unit
    to bad to take a nice solid bourgeois house and sort of mangle it with such an addition

  5. 3.2 for a “houselike” condo?
    There are real houses struggling to get that kind of coin.
    This is someone who isn’t very serious about selling.

  6. If the condo includes all the main floor entertaining rooms AND the stairway to the next floor up, where are the other units???

  7. The Dow reference is great. This place has been peddled relentlessly on craigslist for what seems like over a year. Good luck.

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