2505 Divisadero

After an effective 1000+ days on the market, a few reductions, and a remodeling, the listing for Kirk Hammett’s Pacific Heights mansion at 2505 Divisadero has been withdrawn from the market. Luckily Death Magnetic is meeting with no such sales challenge.

7 thoughts on “The Monster Meets A Magnetic Death? (2505 Divisadero Withdrawn)”
  1. This is one of those houses that is not having trouble due to the market… Why didn’t kirk price the property accordingly…

  2. The only things that seem to be selling at the high end in PH are those that get 20+% price cuts from their pre- October prices.
    It’s a whole new world.

  3. The best part of this house is the lower level. Recording room etc. I saw it when it first came on the market and I have no idea if they took it out when they remodeled but as a fan… it was super cool.

  4. That downstairs was sooo sweet. You could feel the insane parties that must have gone on down there. There were nails on the hallway walls from all the gold, silver, platinum, etc albums that used to hang there. The recording studio still had drums (Lars in da house!), and a couple guitars lying around the first time I saw it.
    Kirk didn’t price it. Mark did.

  5. This is the same agent that had to withdraw 300 Sea Cliff earlier this year (or was that last year?).
    Anyway, this house was just never going to sell and really isn’t the best barometer for the district 7 market – which, as you might expect, is doing horribly. It looks like it’s taking 2003 pricing to sell anything. Look at 2686 Green – yes, it’s a fixer (and I haven’t seen it, so maybe it’s truly horrible), but it has been reduced to 3.2 million! That’s shockingly low for ultra-prime, north-side Green St. Last year 3.5 mil would get you California St.
    Another interesting example is going to be the return of 25 or 27 Raycliff (not sure what’s going on with the address). Malin’s bringing it back at 4.25 after asking 4 for it in late 03. It may have originally sold under asking, but the point is the initial pricing is basically the same as fall 03.
    [Editor’s Note: Another Address Change And Listing On Raycliff Terrace: Number 27.]

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