2505 Divisadero Exterior
And rounding out today’s big homes report, we note that after 16 months on the market, Kirk Hammett’s “Pacific Heights Georgian Mansion” has been withdrawn from the MLS. And yes, Kirk Hammett of Metallica fame and fortune (was listed at $12,500,000).
Editor’s Note: And for those of you who didn’t get it, “Some Kind of Monster” is the title of both a Metallica song and band documentary.
Pacific Heights Georgian Mansion (2505 Divisadero) [Mark Allan Levinson]
Rock Star Floor Plan Porn [SocketSite]

8 thoughts on “Some Kind Of Monster In This Kind Of Market (2505 Divisadero)”
  1. Metallica DEFENITELY sold out LOL. Is this a rock star’s crib?
    I especially like the planters on the front steps. I bet Kirk waters them every morning before tea and crumpets

  2. i run past that place all the time. i had no idea he owned it. it’s beautiful. the link above goes to sotheby’s and says 10.5mm. i think it’s still for sale.

  3. I think this is a gorgeous home and I don’t know why no one has grabbed it up. If I had the money, which I don’t, I would love to own something as gorgeous as this.
    Also being a HUGE Metallica fan….I think the house suits him. He’s an eccentric guy and a wonderful guitar GOD!!

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